Age of Empires II: HD Edition
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Basic strategies in AoE to become a Boss -A guide by Jefopono
โดย Jefopono
Are you a N00B in AoE? Well, this guide is perfect for you. Here i will teach you all the basics that you need to know to enchance your gameplay....
The AoE II ultimate "bug spray"
โดย Captain Awesome
For those who find those weird bugs on Age of Empires II comes an ultimate walktrough / guide to try to complete all the campaigns. Note: This is a work in progress!...
[NEW] How to submit Scenarios to the Steam Workshop
โดย Barnard
This guide will show you how to correctly submit your Age of Empires 2 HD scenarios to the Steam Workshop....
Chinese Fast Castle Build Order
โดย Peter_Pahn
This is a simple build order to get a 30 pop fast castle with chinese. Many people complain about their start when getting this civ, but it is possible to achieve very fast times with the chinese. The ideal uptime for 29 vills and loom with non-bonused civ...
The best AoE "Cheat Sheet" (No actual cheats)
โดย Jineapple
All the info you'll need on just a few pages! An overview of all units with all hidden attack bonuses and armors. In addition there's civ bonus overviews and tech trees. Print it out or have it on a second monitor and you'll have a quick reference for near...
Cheat Codes
โดย pc is for casuals
All the cheat codes you will ever need for Age of Empires II. Quickly access all of these codes by using Steam's in-game overlay (shift+tab). This guide contains all Age of Empires II cheats and their effects in-game....
Tutorial AOE2 para ser más competitivo en el multiplayer
โดย Solo Sol
Hola amigos, he decidido crear un tips n tricks para ayudar a los jugadores novatos a mejorar su juego para poder ser más competitivos y presentar batalla. Para ello, es necesario conocer una serie de aspectos que voy a ir detallando, y practicar, prac...
Семь Смертных Грехов
โดย [PG]Bogeyman
Основные и наиболее распространённые ошибки, совершаемые новичками, проистекают из незнания и, следовательно, невыполнения следующих правил: 1. Необходимо постоянно производить крестьян. Ваша первая цель - увеличить население до 30 (1 скаут, 29 крестьян...
Tech Tree lies and secrets (now w/ full list of attack bonuses!)
โดย Philippe le Bon
What the Tech Tree hides you......
Civilization Bonuses: Unique Units and How to Counter Them [Part I]
โดย Internet Sateen
This guide covers the stats and capabilities of all Unique Units in the original Age of Kings and Conqueror's Expansion, how to counter them, and each Civilizations' respective Bonuses....
Getting Started with AoE II HD
โดย Kelevandos
This short guide will help you understand the basics of the game and quickly dive into the world of Age of Empires II HD! It covers the basic strategies in the early game and other important aspects, like civilization differences and winning the game....
AoC Advanced Noob Guide-v2.7
โดย [LTP]PsychoMantis_
Advanced Guide to Economic Builds and Strategy, Overall Guide to AoC Random Map So you have decided that you are not going to be able to learn AoC in a couple weeks?......READ THIS ...
Simple Dark Age Build Order
โดย Turkman
Sick of falling behind in the early game? This guide will help you increase your level of play throughout the Dark Age and get you into Fedual Age in fighting shape....
Все достижения в игре Age of Empires 2 HD
โดย Antonim
Руководство по получению всех возможных достижений в игре Age of Empires 2 HD и DLC The Forgotten....
Dark Age Guide - Zero To Hero
โดย ZeroEmpires
A video guide on how to play with the Dark Age, preparing to set yourself up for a Dark Age Rush, Fast Castle or Fast Feudal. The fourth video in a series covering all civilizations. Beginner friendly and easy to understand!...
Ozhara's Modding Guide for AoE 2 HD
โดย Ozhara
This Guide describes how to install/uninstall mods, publish your own workshop mod for AoE, where to find graphic and sound files and how they work, as well as how to mod them. If you think the guide is missing something important or a point isn't that c...
AoE2 HD Updated Hotkeys
โดย Daniel
A full list of all the useful hotkeys in Age of Empires II HD, in a nice image form. Available as a printable page as well. To save the image, click on it and then click on the URL at the top if the display box. You can then right click and save the ima...
An easy-but-unethical guide to get those pesky insane achievements
โดย Darturias
In this guide you will find the tips to get one victory each 15 seconds without cheating or exploiting bugs, just using ingame resources. Very useful to get those nearly impossible "1.000 victories" achievements. ...
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