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Possible solution to game lag /ES/EN/RU/FR/DE/PT/IT/
av MrThom
IMPORTANT: Please assess the guide to be seen by developers and they can fix this bug. IMPORTANTE: Por favor valoren la guia para que sea vista por los desarolladores y soluciones este bug. (EN) How to fix the lag in AOE (ES) Como arreglar el lag en ...
An easy-but-unethical guide to get those pesky insane achievements
av Darturias
In this guide you will find the tips to get one victory each 15 seconds without cheating or exploiting bugs, just using ingame resources. Very useful to get those nearly impossible "1.000 victories" achievements. ...
AoE- Pony Quotes Mod "List"
av RainbowScout
List of all Mane6 questions in the mod http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=166242124...
1000 Victory - All civilisations
av Arken
In this guide I'll explain how to get the '1000 Victory' acheivement for each civilisation with one simple and easy method. In the process of going for those achievements you'll also unlock some others along the way. Update: Anytime, Anywhere doesn't w...
Skip Launcher & Intro Videos
av Carlmundo
More fixes available at SteamFix ....
Tech Tree lies and secrets (AoF updated)
av Philippe le Bon
What the Tech Tree hides you......
Cheat Codes (Age Of Empires II: HD Edition)
av Mr. Platypus
Im gonna show you a bunch of cheat codes which you can use in Age of Empires II. Just in cause you wish to get yourself 10.000 resources or summon a penguin to aid in battle....
Guía de Edificios AoE II HD
av FERTRY [AFK for Summer]
Esta es una guía para todas aquellas personas que empiezan a jugar Age of Empires II HD o que no están del todo familiarizados con la dinámica del juego. Explico paso a paso cada uno de los edificios que pueden ser construidos en el juego y para...
AoC Advanced Noob Guide-v2.6
av [LTP]PsychoMantis_
Advanced Guide to Economic Builds and Strategy, Overall Guide to AoC Random Map So you have decided that you are not going to be able to learn AoC in a couple weeks?......READ THIS ...
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