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Quick Guide for The Quickening, Gathering Speed, Lightning General
av D3v1l
Easy way to obtain these achievements...
Inverted Trigger Conditions (Simple Switch) Part 2 (Scenario Design)
av #Bumis
Want more? Inverted Trigger Switch http://xbumis.freeforums.net/thread/4/inverted-switch-1 In a 3x3 square put a sheep in the middle square Variables (For reading Syntax) if not = trigger is inverted var x = Center area of 3x3 square ====...
How to Take Screenshots (Without Seeing the Save Screen)
av ThePapercutNinja
For those of us who just couldn't figure it out, you don't have to be embarrassed any longer....
AOE 2 Triggers < Practical Programming Concepts (Booleans Guide 1-Type A)
av #Bumis
Applying Programming Concepts into AOE 2 Triggers Concept 1: Booleans Type A: (Area Based) (If Object In Area / If Object Not In Area) AOE 2 Trigger Concepts as Programming Booleans > True or False Statements > Simple Switches More coming soon inc...
帝国时代2:高清版 刷成就心得
av +7
对《Age of Empires II: HD Edition》刷成就方法的简单介绍。...
(karamja.net/bumis) Inverted Conditions (Area) Part 3
av #Bumis
These triggers are based on your area. For more, visit http://karamja.net/bumis and refer to the forums. REGISTRATION CURRENTLY NOT MANDATORY Bumis' Trigger Tricks / Area Concepts / Public V1 5Q/feed...
The Special Attributes of Different Playable Nations
av 25thSharps_Col_Sharpshot
Ever wonder the Pros of different multiplayer nations? Well in this guide i will teach you all of the pros in alphabetical order! This guide is much shorter than it may seem! This guide is still a work in progress! I have not completed the entire nation l...
Array Trigger Menu System ( Advanced Scenario Design ) (Inverted Conditions)
av #Bumis
A very advanced guide to manipulating player resources using tribute, accumulate attribute and inverted accumulate attribute triggers to create a form of an options list that allows you to use buttons and go up and down and select opions from. Similar to ...
Karamja.net/bumis Inverted Trigger Conditions (Intro)
av #Bumis
7/13/15 Inverted Codntions part 1 Here is the Inverted Triggers Guide http://xbumis.freeforums.net/ INVERTED TRIGGER CONDITION GUIDE Want more, register my forum where I will be going into more advanced inverted trigger concepts over the next ...
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