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Gentleman Guide for AoE II
por Mo Deadpan!
Guide for gentleman!...
Расы, их плюсы и минусы
por [KFC]Captain Fire Cat™
В этом руководстве, я расскажу про каждую расу. ...
Old scans of original Material
por gag2000
Scripting AI for: Age of Empires II
por Ducksayswut
The goal of this guide is to introduce you to the basics of scripting AI for Age of Kings and allow you to start playing with your own code as soon as possible. By the end of this tutorial you should have the knowledge and resources to write and run an AI...
An easy-but-unethical guide to get those pesky insane achievements
por Darturias
In this guide you will find the tips to get one victory each 15 seconds without cheating or exploiting bugs, just using ingame resources. Very useful to get those nearly impossible "1.000 victories" achievements. ...
Cheat Codes (Age Of Empires II: HD Edition)
por Mr.Platypus
Im gonna show you a bunch of cheat codes which you can use in Age of Empires II. Just in cause you wish to get yourself 10.000 resources or summon a penguin to aid in battle....
Tutorial AOE2 para ser más competitivo en el multiplayer
por Solo Sol
Hola amigos, he decidido crear un tips n tricks para ayudar a los jugadores novatos a mejorar su juego para poder ser más competitivos y presentar batalla. Para ello, es necesario conocer una serie de aspectos que voy a ir detallando, y practicar, pr...
Simple Dark Age Build Order
por Turkman
Sick of falling behind in the early game? This guide will help you increase your level of play throughout the Dark Age and get you into Fedual Age in fighting shape....
Tech Tree lies and secrets (now w/ full list of attack bonuses!)
por Philippe le Bon
What the Tech Tree hides you......
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