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The Circus is coming to town - Persian war elephant dance
por GranaMan
Like all scrubs that are new to Age of Empires, they wonder which civlization is best... well you can stop scratching your arse in confusion because the answer is obvious! Persians! They got all the sh*t you need be it land or water. But most import...
How to make all civilitations achievement
por N'ours
This guide show how do all civilitations achievement, 118 Achievements...
Age of Empires II: Ultimate Building Guide.
por .INK - Coursework zZz
Age of Empires II Ultimate Guide to all the Buildings inside the game, This guide will describe how much they cost to build, what age they are active inside, what they do inside the game, Health of each buildings, Upgrades etc... Guide assemebled by the ...
Restoring Original Hotkeys
por NotTheOne
This is a basic guide to restoring the original (non-grid) hotkeys....
Game Mechanics Modding
por Сергей Лавров лжец
This is about a mod tool that can edit the game mechanics. You can even make your own game expansions with it....
Раш Монахами
por [Guar]Ракета
Классические Тактики и Стратегии...
por JD OwO
Расы, их плюсы и минусы
por [KFC]Captain Fire Cat™
В этом руководстве, я расскажу про каждую расу. ...
Прохождение четвёртой кампании в игре Age of Empires II: HD Edition
por [KFC]Captain Fire Cat™
Подробное описание, как пройти четвёртую кампанию данной игры....
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