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Quick Guide for The Quickening, Gathering Speed, Lightning General
przez D3v1l
Easy way to obtain these achievements...
Inverted Trigger Conditions (Simple Switch) Part 2 (Scenario Design)
przez #Bumis
Want more? Inverted Trigger Switch In a 3x3 square put a sheep in the middle square Variables (For reading Syntax) if not = trigger is inverted var x = Center area of 3x3 square ====...
How to Take Screenshots (Without Seeing the Save Screen)
przez ThePapercutNinja
For those of us who just couldn't figure it out, you don't have to be embarrassed any longer....
AOE 2 Triggers < Practical Programming Concepts (Booleans Guide 1-Type A)
przez #Bumis
Applying Programming Concepts into AOE 2 Triggers Concept 1: Booleans Type A: (Area Based) (If Object In Area / If Object Not In Area) AOE 2 Trigger Concepts as Programming Booleans > True or False Statements > Simple Switches More coming soon inc...
帝国时代2:高清版 刷成就心得
przez +7
对《Age of Empires II: HD Edition》刷成就方法的简单介绍。...
( Inverted Conditions (Area) Part 3
przez #Bumis
These triggers are based on your area. For more, visit and refer to the forums. REGISTRATION CURRENTLY NOT MANDATORY Bumis' Trigger Tricks / Area Concepts / Public V1 5Q/feed...
The Special Attributes of Different Playable Nations
przez 25thSharps_Col_Sharpshot
Ever wonder the Pros of different multiplayer nations? Well in this guide i will teach you all of the pros in alphabetical order! This guide is much shorter than it may seem! This guide is still a work in progress! I have not completed the entire nation l...
Array Trigger Menu System ( Advanced Scenario Design ) (Inverted Conditions)
przez #Bumis
A very advanced guide to manipulating player resources using tribute, accumulate attribute and inverted accumulate attribute triggers to create a form of an options list that allows you to use buttons and go up and down and select opions from. Similar to ... Inverted Trigger Conditions (Intro)
przez #Bumis
7/13/15 Inverted Codntions part 1 Here is the Inverted Triggers Guide INVERTED TRIGGER CONDITION GUIDE Want more, register my forum where I will be going into more advanced inverted trigger concepts over the next ...
Comment ajouter du contenu dans AOE2HD
przez [T-WR] Mαιтяє ☜✩☞
Voici un petit qui vous expliquera comment ajouter du contenu dans Age Of Empire 2 HD Edition....
przez Bogeyman
The main and most common mistakes made by beginners, stem from ignorance, and therefore failure to the following rules: ...
Маленькие хитрости. Часть 1
przez Bogeyman
В игре много интересных подробностей, которые на первый взгляд не видны. Сами по себе эти мелочи не приводят к победе, но их трудно сразу рас...
Ozhara's guide to graphic objects (slp/dat)
przez Ozhara
This guide is thought to help you modding slp files by showing you the used naming conditions....
Goten anfänger tipps und tricks german
przez EpKonsu
Mit den Goten schnell und einfach auf Festland gewinnen! Richtet sich an Anfänger....
Revert to Patch 3.9 from Patch 4.0
przez DoctorWillSeeYouNow
Entire patch 4.0 had various bugs and frame lock to 30fps (this is to solve the desync problem but it performs lag and shuttering for me even I play in a Single Player game). This Guide just take 3 Easy Steps and some time to re-download your aoe2hd....
Old screens of AoE II Alpha
przez gagman
Nations in Age of Empires II HD 種族特色比較指南
przez Zoey the Empress
  本文主要介紹包含新種族在內的HD版種族特性,其中舊種族通常也有新科技可茲研發,請不要輕易以為舊種族與征服者一模一樣喵!   由於網路上也找不到最完整的HD版與AOF種族資料,故...
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