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CBA and HERO 攻略
Készítette: makso01
Boldheart's Art of the Teutonic Knight
Készítette: Boldheart1994
A simple guide on how to use the popular Teutonic Knight. Instead of focusing on a beginning-to-end complex building guide, we're only going to focus on simplistic tactics and uses for the knight. My aim is to make this a reference manual for those wishin...
AoE2 HD Updated Hotkeys
Készítette: DashMagic
A full list of all the useful hotkeys in Age of Empires II HD, in a nice image form. Available as a printable page as well. To save the image, click on it and then click on the URL at the top if the display box. You can then right click and save the im...
Random Map Scripting
Készítette: Zetnus
Some advice and getting started help for random map scripting :)...
Which units move fastest
Készítette: man
Check the list from fastest to slowest moving units in the game...
Age of Empires II: HD Edition Cheat Overview (including The Forgotten) and Easy way to farm Achievements
Készítette: Ov3RT4K3R
Overview of all cheats in AoE 2 HD and The Forgotten Trick to get easy Achievements...
Ozhara's Modding Guide for AoE 2 HD
Készítette: Ozhara
This Guide describes how to publish a workshop mod for AoE, where to find graphic and sound files and how they work, as well as how to mod them. If you think the guide is missing something important or a point isn't that clear - just tell me and I'll a...
Készítette: Arken
List of taunts availble to you in AoE2: HD edition. ...
Cheat Codes (Age Of Empires II: HD Edition)
Készítette: Mr. Platypus
Im gonna show you a bunch of cheat codes which you can use in Age of Empires II. Just in cause you wish to get yourself 10.000 resources or summon a penguin to aid in battle....
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