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Publish Scenario on Workshop
tekijältä zunnie
A simple guide to show beginners how to publish their scenario into the Steam Workshop....
Random Map Scripting
tekijältä Zetnus
Some advice and getting started help for random map scripting :)...
AoE II Tech Tree
tekijältä [cf] Nikkolus
This guide lists the civilization bonuses and team bonuses for each civ in AoEII HD. Was made because the tech tree is glitched on certain resolutions....
Русификация игры
tekijältä #Rus:EGGS | {>NOD<}☭
И так для тех кто очень любит данную игру но его очень очень напрягает косячный перевод HD версии предлагаю вашему вниманию некой простой но...
Review of infantry units in AoE 2 HD [RUS]
tekijältä Генерал Дроздовский
Небольшое руководство, в котором рассматриваются сильные и слабые стороны всех пехотных юнитов игры ....
Faster moving teutonic knights.
tekijältä Owl
Want faster moving Teutonic Knights? well you're in luck pal,this is the guide for you and its really simple too....
Семь Смертных Грехов
tekijältä Tapor
Return Original AoK Menu Theme
tekijältä Renatar
If you, like me, don't like the new Forgotten Theme, you can easily revert back to the classic clip with a bit of renaming. Go to your AoEHD folder, most likely in C: Program Files (x86), Steam, SteamApps, common, Age2HD. Now navigate to Sound -> St...
Civilisation: Les Slaves [FR]
tekijältä Barquetique
Ce guide est en construction. Avant toutes chose, il faut savoir que cette civilisation n'est disponible que dans le DLC: Forgotten Empires. Arbre des Technologies Les fermiers travaillent 15% plus vite Pistage gratuit ...
How to Team Chat
tekijältä MusashiKono (no cs 4 ~2 months)
Many people discuss tactics over global chat, but the enemy players can read this. Team chat is something a lot more useful, where the only team members can read the message....
Recording with Shadowplay
tekijältä I can confirm that it's a thing
The aim of this guide is to provide a simple method to recording AoEII:HD with Shadowplay....
Secret Units
tekijältä Untamed
How to get otherwise unobtainable units and buildings for your scenarios Requires the original Age of Empires game. (Rise of Rome is optional)...
Celts Guide --- Destroy Your Foes!!!
tekijältä FallenDanish
This is a small guide for the Celts in Age of Empires II HD edition. It's quite the small one, but it'll get you into what you'll need, what's optional, and obviously... how to crush your enemies! You'll learn tactics on Seige weapons, special units, and ...
Fast castle
tekijältä MNGLC | Sekatch
Fastest way to be in castle age !...
Unit Stats v2
tekijältä Guabuellaitor Of Dji
An Excel sheet displaying the stats of all units (Post-Imperial Age) from the Age of Empires 2: Conquerors and Age of the Forgotten....
Cursor Lock (No, not that Snakebyte Thing)
tekijältä WhAtEvErYoUmEaN
Okay, quick and easy - you want to play without that issue and i want to show you how. I've made a Launcher Replacement that has a Screenlock Feature built-in. You can download it [url=
Rename Saved and Recorded Games
tekijältä Logix42
This is a easy method to rename your saved and recorded games. Recorded games are named generically with a datetime stamp so if you want to keep track of what happened where, you'll want to rename them...
Attack Bonus vs. Buildings
tekijältä man
Here is a brief list of attack bonuses vs buildings, please notify me if I'm missing some units (with bonus) or if there is a miscalculation...
Age Of Empire HD - Trush
tekijältä Johnomet
Un petit tuto pour écraser votre ennemi en 15 min grâce à la technique de "TRUSH". Elle consiste à attaquer les points faibles de l'ennemi, tôt dans la partie, grâce à des tours. ...
AoE- Pony Quotes Mod "List"
tekijältä RainbowScout
List of all Mane6 questions in the mod
tekijältä edabys
Defensive Win
tekijältä DryvBy
A great way to win using walls, towers, and minimum forces. Great for team matches....
Age of Empires II (101)
tekijältä бур'ян для breakfast
A walkthrough with tips & tricks to help any novice become a master. Please keep in mind this guide was created with the memory of the pc version in mind....
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