Veja e avalie guias criados por jogadores para o seu jogo. Ou crie o seu e compartilhe as suas dicas com a comunidade.
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Crea tu Animación de Introducción de Escenario Personalizada.
por WolfBelmi88
Una manera de dar mas vida a tus escenarios y o Campañas. Creando un video en formato AVI (poquito peso) para contar las historias de tus héroes. Narrada, y con animaciones....
Age of Empire II HD EDITION
por Franki
Esta guia es para ayudar a los nuevos jugadores a fortalecer su economía en el comienzo del juego....
The Circus is coming to town - Persian war elephant dance
por GranaMan
Like all scrubs that are new to Age of Empires, they wonder which civlization is best... well you can stop scratching your arse in confusion because the answer is obvious! Persians! They got all the sh*t you need be it land or water. But most import...
Attack Bonus vs. Buildings
por man
Here is a brief list of attack bonuses vs buildings, please notify me if I'm missing some units (with bonus) or if there is a miscalculation...
Scripting AI for: Age of Empires II
por Ducksayswut
The goal of this guide is to introduce you to the basics of scripting AI for Age of Kings and allow you to start playing with your own code as soon as possible. By the end of this tutorial you should have the knowledge and resources to write and run an AI...
All About Drushing
por Turkman
A long and informative video on everything you need to know to be able to use a Drush (Dark Age Rush) to you andvantage. In this video I will be explaining, when to Drush, how to Drush and why to Drush....
Possible solution to game lag (FIXED!!!) /ES/EN/RU/FR/DE/PT/IT/
por MrThom
IMPORTANT: BUG FIXED!!!! THANK TO EVERYBODY WHO HELPED WITH THE GUIDE IMPORTANT: Please assess the guide to be seen by developers and they can fix this bug. IMPORTANTE: Por favor valoren la guia para que sea vista por los desarolladores y soluciones...
Ozhara's Modding Guide for AoE 2 HD
por Ozhara
This Guide describes how to install/uninstall mods, publish your own workshop mod for AoE, where to find graphic and sound files and how they work, as well as how to mod them. If you think the guide is missing something important or a point isn't that ...
Все достижения в игре Age of Empires 2 HD
por Antonim
Руководство по получению всех возможных достижений в игре Age of Empires 2 HD и DLC The Forgotten....
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