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Excalibur VIII - A Beginners Guide to MCB
Excalibur VIII is a Mini Castle Blood(MCB) Custom Scenario map that relies on teamwork and strategy. This guide is to introduce new players to Mini Castle Blood(MCB) and give you the basic information about the units and general game play. Mini Castle Blo...
Age of Empires II :HD Guide
by Raven
This is to help Noobs in the early game economy by getting past the dark age competitivley. Also more detail on the mid and late game to make use of the start and keep a competitive edge, will be coming in the future....
Chaos Blood - An advanced rookie guide
by SmellyLeopard
This is an advanced guide for the custom scenario Chaos Blood. It is being hosted several times every day. Often people resign because they don't know what to do, or how to do it effectivly. After reading this advanced guide you will not only be able to p...
Age of Empire II HD EDITION
by Franki
Esta guia es para ayudar a los nuevos jugadores a fortalecer su economía en el comienzo del juego....
Unit Strength's and Weaknesses
by 30 god 30
Ever wanted to know which unit beats what?...
by Zoey Sparkle <3 [Taiwan]
簡單介紹版本上的差異。 詳細全文請見: 〈從AOC到AOF~Steam版的變更整理(一):全域變更篇〉 ...
An Introduction to Random Map Scripting
by Zetnus
A guide I've put together to help you find the right resources to learn about random map scripting. I update it whenever I find new and useful resources (or whenever I notice spelling mistakes)....
The Persian D-O-U-C-H-E- Dark Age Rush - L_Clan_Tormenta
by stabbytheunicorn
Here's a strategy that can't decide whether it's very evil or very lame. It's the Dark Age Rush, or if you prefer, the D-O-U-C-H-E - since it literally cleans out your opponent. This rush is executed with Persians at 7min, using the increased TC HP of ...
Mods and You! Lesson One
by › Dracoix
Many issues relating to using custom mods, and why not all are the same....
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