Age of Empires II: HD Edition

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Complete AOC Guide For Beginners [Updated Weekly]
by Porcelain Legionaire
This is our channel I and a friend have created to help those beginners just coming back to the game. We will be going over everything from basic startup and luring boars, to advanced Micro and Imperial Battle. Everything will be gone over comprehensively...
Boldheart's Art of the Teutonic Knight
by Boldheart1994
A simple guide on how to use the popular Teutonic Knight. Instead of focusing on a beginning-to-end complex building guide, we're only going to focus on simplistic tactics and uses for the knight. My aim is to make this a reference manual for those wishin...
Rushing Tips
by zrut
Basic tips for how to play multiplayer with an agressive mindset. It is more focused on one on one, but is applicable to any scale game or single player....
Ozhara's guide to graphic objects (slp/dat)
by Ozhara
This guide is thought to help you modding slp files by showing you the used naming conditions....
Excalibur VIII - A Beginners Guide to MCB
Excalibur VIII is a Mini Castle Blood(MCB) Custom Scenario map that relies on teamwork and strategy. This guide is to introduce new players to Mini Castle Blood(MCB) and give you the basic information about the units and general game play. Mini Castle Blo...
CBA Guide for Beginners/Intermediates
by sudo
A guide for beginners or intermediates on civilization strengths and strategies in the Castle Blood Automatic scenarios....
All About Drushing
by Turkman
A long and informative video on everything you need to know to be able to use a Drush (Dark Age Rush) to you andvantage. In this video I will be explaining, when to Drush, how to Drush and why to Drush....
by Zoey the Empress
簡單介紹版本上的差異。 詳細全文請見: 〈從AOC到AOF~Steam版的變更整理(一):全域變更篇〉 ...
Fast castle
by Sekáčis ♛
Fastest way to be in castle age !...
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