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FAQ: Updated 14 August!
Installing AOE II HD

What are the minimum system requirements?
OS:Windows Vista, 7, 8 Pro+
Processor:1.2GHZ CPU
Memory:1 GB RAM
Graphics:Direct X 9.0c Capable GPU
Hard Drive:2 GB HD space

Additional:900x600 minimum display resolution

Where’s the install directory?
Depending on how you’ve configured Steam, the root directory may vary, but the game files are in your Steam Library, at \Steam\steamapps\common\Age2HD.

How to access betas
You can opt in to any available betas through the Steam interface. Right click AOE II HD in your library, go to properties, and select the betas tab.

Updating the game
By default, Steam will always download any updates available. You can confirm this by going to the game properties as above, and clicking on the Updates tab. If you aren’t receiving the updates, change the dropdown to “Always keep this game up to date.” You can also force a download of the updates by verifying your game files. If an update was recently released, you may need to restart your Steam client to auto-update the game.

Switching languages
The game runs using the same language settings as your Steam client. You can change the language in the Steam client by clicking the Steam menu, then Settings, and the Interface tab. This will require a restart of Steam, following which all new language files should download if needed.

‘Server not available’ message when installing
This indicates you are unable to connect to the Steam servers to download/install the game. See for Steam’s recommended troubleshooting steps.

Launching the game

Cloud saves
If you’ve enabled Steam Cloud for the game, the Steam service will automatically store a copy of your profile, including campaign progress. If there are any conflicts between your local saves and those in the cloud, Steam will prompt you for which copy you’d like to use. You can enable/disable Steam Cloud in the Updates tab of the game’s Properties in Steam.

Launch options
You may find the following options helpful, these can be set by typing the appropriate option in after clicking ‘Set Launch Options…’ in the General Properties tab in Steam.
  • -nostartup: If the game loads to a black screen, or you have a black playfield with correct UI elements, try this option
  • -origfps: This will revert the FPS unlocking from the 2.5 update. This can be helpful if you are having performance problems with the game.

Launcher closes after clicking play
If the game doesn't start after clicking Play from the launcher, try disabling the launcher. To disable the launcher follow the steps below. Game updates or verify file caches may re-set these changes.

1. In your Steam Game Library, find the game. Right click it and click Properties.
2. Click the "Set launch options..." button.
3. Type in NoStartUp and click OK.
4. Click the "Local files" tab.
5. Click the "Browse local files..." button to open the game folder.
6. Delete (or rename) "Launcher".
7. Make a copy of "AoK HD".
8. Rename the copy to "Launcher".
9. Go back to the Steam properties window and click Close.

The playfield is white, but you can see the UI (minimap, etc.)
This indicates that your graphics card does not meet the game’s minimum requirements (DirectX 9.0c, 32 bit index buffer). Some users are able to work around this by disabling AntiAliasing in the game menu.

The playfield is black, but you can see the UI (minimap, etc.)
A small portion of users experience this, and you can correct it by adding “-nostartup” to the game’s Launch Options in Steam. This is done in the General tab on the game’s properties menu.

Game resolution
The game runs using your system’s resolution settings. To change the resolution in-game, please change your desktop resolution in your system properties.

My launcher doesn't look right, there are white boxes all over the place!!
This is because you are using a nonstandard DPI setting::
- Right click on the Desktop
- Click Screen resolution
- Click the link "Make text larger or smaller"
- Select either 100% (recommended!) or 150%
- Click Apply

Player profiles & hotkeys

Resetting player profiles
It is highly recommended when moving to the beta build (or when upgrading between builds) to create a new player profile to avoid any potential conflicts during the upgrade. You can do so within the game by going to options, deleting the current profile, and creating a new one.

Storage location (file location) for profiles & hotkeys
Hotkey (.hki) and profile (.nfp) files are stored in the /Age2HD/savegame folder.

Singleplayer Campaign Known issues

William Wallace
Some users report the game crashing when playing missions 6 and 7 of the William Wallace campaign. If this is happening to you, please make sure your game has been updated (this was fixed in an early patch).

We are currently investigating reports of achievements not unlocking correctly. While we continue the investigation, you may be able to trigger the unlock by watching replays or completing custom scenarios.

Do cheats work?
All cheats from the original release of Age of Empires II will work in the HD version, including
  • How do you turn this on?
  • Cheese Steak Jimmy’s
  • Furious the monkey boy
  • Robin Hood
  • And more!

Scenario editor and workshop

Uploading content in the workshop
  • From within Age of Empires II: HD Edition, click on map editor, and then the “Steam Workshop” button. It will bring up a window with a couple of options to easily put a file bundle up on the workshop.
  • Hit the appropriately named ‘add files’ button to open the steam install directory and add any files associated with your game mod.
  • Once you pick any files associated with your workshop entrant, all that’s left is to name the mod, add a bit of info (for filtering mod types), and choose a stunning photo of the mod for the world to see and entice users to subscribe to your file.
  • Hit publish and you’re all done!

How do I subscribe to a mod?
To add it to your game, simply hit the ‘subscribe’ button, exit the game, and Steam will download it directly for you. Next time you launch the game, you’ll have the workshop item installed! (Note: You will have to exit the *game client* completely in order for the mod to be recognized).
You can subscribe to multiple game mods at once, but if both mods make a change to the same file (ie, two mods which both change the look of farms) the mod downloaded most recently will overwrite the former.

Want to remove a mod?
  • Exit the game, enter the workshop and hit unsubscribe on the correct mod.
  • Right click AOE II: HD in your library, go to properties, local files, and verify the game cache and Steam will restore the content for you!


Troubleshooting connectivity issues
The lobby browser now shows a handshaking process to establish a more stable connection when you join a game. If you’re having issues with the handshakes:
•Make sure your game is set up in Steam correctly
Ensure you have fully updated the game through Steam.
Ensure you don’t have any mods or program changes that may be preventing you from connecting to players.
Verify you are using a legitimate version of the game and are not blacklisted

•When you host a game can other people connect? If no:
Your network must be configured to allow Steam access to the following ports:
For help setting up port forwarding on your router:

•Can you connect to other games? Are you able to chat with other players in the lobby? If no:
Follow the troubleshooting guidelines above for question 1.
Open a command prompt and type the following:

ping -f -l 1492

If you see “Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set”, ensure that your computer and router are configured to allow an MTU of at least 1492 bytes.

•Are you able to handshake with some players, but not all? If yes:
If handshaking does not complete within 45 seconds, cancel out of the lobby and attempt to reconnect.
If you are still unable to handshake with all players, they might be experiencing a problem and need to follow step 1 and 2.

•Are you able to join a lobby, but are unable to handshake with any players?
Follow the above steps
Ensure you don’t have any mods that might affect multiplayer
Verify the cache of your game

Lobby Browser
The Lobby Browser will help you find the matches you want to play. You can filter by many different options including Match Type, Region, Game, Map Style, Location, Size, Resources, Population, Starting Age, Victory, Allow Cheats.
Any open games matching the criteria you choose will be displayed, and you will be able to select and join a match. Additionally, as of the 2.6 update, you will be able to see the ELO rating of all the players in a game (shown in brackets before the player name) when selecting your match.

• Quickmatch should match players with the closest applicable ELO ratings and should use DM or RM ratings depending on which mode is selected.
• Lobby games are now sorted properly, with games on top reported closest to host according to Steam.
• Regional settings for lobbies will be primarily based on your Steam download region settings, thus unsurprisingly it is recommended to select the download location closest to you.
• You can filter lobbies and quickmatch by regional settings including:
• Worldwide – Shows everyone on the patch!
• Far – Within a continent or two roughly.
• Regional – Your region and surrounding regions
• Close – Only games in the same region as you
• Additional information in the lobby browser. Clicking once on a game will display added info including:
• Names of players in game
• ELO of players in game for the associated gametype
• Indication of whether the game is RM or DM
• Other misc information (i.e. scenario name)
• Double click to join a game lobby

Creating a game
When you host a game, you are able to set up the match as you see fit. You can also invite friends directly from the lobby. Once all players have joined and are ready, just click Start Game, and you’re off!

Inviting friends
Once you are in any joinable lobby, just click on the Invite button. This will bring up your Friends list. Find your friend and click on Invite! It’s just that simple!

Custom scenarios
Custom scenarios are available in both single player and multiplayer. To play a custom campaign in single-player, just select Custom Campaign from the Single-Player menu. All installed campaigns will show up in the selection box. For multiplayer, when creating a match, choose “Scenario…” as the gametype. You will then be able to choose from any installed scenarios.

Can I use mods in multiplayer?
This is one that isn’t easy to answer, and in fact the real answer is “it depends.” If you’re making changes to the game that don’t affect any gameplay, you shouldn’t have any issue using them in multiplayer matches. Of course, anything that does change the gameplay, you will likely risk experiencing sync issues when attempting to play with other players. Having said that, if you were to come up with an awesome gameplay mod that a ton of people liked and downloaded, anyone with that mod probably would sync just fine together. Fortunately by working through the Steam environment here, you’re able to restore the default game at pretty much any time very quickly should you ever wander off into the mod trail and get lost.

Increasing game performance with regard to FPS issues- a temporary fix:
See this thread!
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the Guachiman.ESP Sep 26, 2015 @ 7:10pm 
I did the "nostartup" on the settings but still having the problem "The playfield is black, but I can see the UI" I can also hear the music and the sound effects. Also, when I press "menu" during the game, the game suddenly apears to be normal again, but it freezes and the only thing that I can do is to exit the game. This happends with some new campaing games that I start (York battle, for example), not with saved games, other campains, neither the singel player or multi player mode. I have also try to verify the cache but does not work.
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i have fps drops, updated to 4.3 and still having problems with performance, anyone can bring me a solution?
malaikallan Jan 2, 2016 @ 10:52pm 
I'm still on v3.5 tried uninstalling and reinstalling AoE 2 HD. still the same.
trying it for the thired time now.
Jakukito May 28, 2016 @ 8:42am 
german language doesnt work! i can play what i want... after 5 minutes the game chrashes without reason. but if i play it in english theres no problem! Please fix it or give my money back!
sohrani sebya Aug 21, 2016 @ 12:52am 
if i have error 41 how to fix this? This error in standard game and in multiplayer.
sohrani sebya Aug 21, 2016 @ 11:43am 
Originally posted by Jineapple:
Follow the steps in this guide:
not work. :(~
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