Kittychix 2013年4月8日下午3:18
Build Update - Addressing XP issues
We have just pushed an updated build to resolve user issues with XP. It should automatically download in Steam.

If you have updated and attempt to play with people who have not, you will probably experience an out of sync. Please encourage folks in and out of game to update.
最后由 MS Ryz0n 编辑于; 2013年4月8日下午6:40
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Soyabean 2013年4月8日下午3:24 
Dunno if it's just me but i get invalid password x)
Kittychix 2013年4月8日下午3:28 
Soyabean, it should just be a lowercase "a", without quotes.
Soyabean 2013年4月8日下午3:30 
indeed, i have typed "a", without quotes :)
VanillaConquistador 2013年4月8日下午3:32 
i will try now, thanks :D
VanillaConquistador 2013年4月8日下午3:33 
no it didn't work :'(
djdrake 2013年4月8日下午3:34 
it seems that is working for me! at least, the game as been launched correctly! thanks
Fumanchology 2013年4月8日下午3:35 
It worked for me, am now in the menus
Pângeâ 2013年4月8日下午3:35 
what is you error?
Black Mirror 2013年4月8日下午3:35 
It loads, but all I get is a white screen when I actually try to play the game. :/
VanillaConquistador 2013年4月8日下午3:37 
it actually worked, i read insctructions wrong, im in menu now
Kittychix 2013年4月8日下午3:37 
Soyabean, try closing and restarting Steam, then doing it.

Black Mirror, check that your graphics card supports DirectX 9c.
kyle_luciani 2013年4月8日下午3:40 
Yes this has made it work for me! So is this what we have to do everytime to play?
Soyabean 2013年4月8日下午3:41 
Had to restart steam and shut down process tree, works now :) thank you
lowenbrau 2013年4月8日下午3:41 
didn't work for me, Got the Microsoft send error report message
JNeidlinger 2013年4月8日下午3:44 
Working great. Thanks!
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