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GamersCast 2013. ápr. 7. @ de. 12:38
Possible to change resolution?
So, I find it odd for an "HD remake" especially one on PC to not have an adjustable resolution, because the game doesn't appear to be in 1920x1080. any way to fix that, or adjust the res, or is that just.... the game?
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trololo 2013. ápr. 20. @ de. 3:04 
I have the same question. My computer resolution is at 1366x768 yet the game is so zoomed in that half the screen is taken by the command center -.-
Jonathan! 2013. ápr. 20. @ de. 4:42 
The game will adjust to whatever your desktop screen resolution and (I think) scale it by your dpi setting. Changing those will allow you to play at the resolution and level of zoom that you want.

Hope this helps.
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