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Permadeath And You: Death Explained
by Foreaux Albatross
A basic guide for those afraid of Permadeath. It explains the phases of death, and how to stop permadeath....
Golden Dragon Ruins Tablet Reference Sheet
by The9thCircle
Reference sheet for the Golden Dragon Ruins trivia asked by the Dark Angel Statues....
Magical Barriers
by Link (Hero of Time)
I. Intro I dont know if this is helpful or not. There are usually magical barriers in the dungeons, to get past these you must simply do a task. Also I hear thanks to the user Tetsmega that some barriers are depleated by doing objectives from the dra...
Wizardry Seeker of knowledge-how to start off your mage
by xuton
A guide on building your mage, suitable for both experienced and inexperienced players in Wizardry Online. This isnt a hands-holding guide, but enough to give you ground to stand on using one of the most difficult classes in the game. -Made by Potatosli...
How To 1337 Pwn N00b5
by Jubby
Gotta go fast...