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progz 2012年11月30日 19時23分
Please add online multiplayer!
I been wanting a monopoly game for steam for like forever, to play and now that one is released, it doesnt even have online? I bought it instantly once I read it had "multiplayer"
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Emaciated Fox 2012年11月30日 19時29分 
I second this suggestion. This game needs online multiplayer.
LORD BEEF 2012年11月30日 19時43分 
It's made by Popcap. They're not exactly known for making online multiplayer games. Generally once they make a game they don't exactly add things to them. This would require them to design and write an entire online netcode for the game. It's not really something that Popcap does, so I wouldn't hold your breath for one.
Kuehnau 2012年11月30日 19時46分 
I am really surprised this game doesn't have multi-player. As a matter of fact, it's such an oversight that I can see the sales suffering because of it.

PopCap is a pretty well known company, it wouldn't be hard, taxing or even that expensive for them to have SOME sort of multi-player function.
Arrowhead 2012年11月30日 19時47分 
How do crap games like this with no online multiplayer come out of nowhere and get greenlit on Steam while hundreds of actually great games need votes just to be given a chance?
DizzyE 2012年11月30日 20時15分 
Thanks at least for posting this to warn us unsuspecting buyers who check first. Sorry for you getting screwed :X
matt1Zv6Zt 2012年11月30日 21時43分 
Every monopoly game lately does not have the only thing people multiplayer! Stupid companies.
LegendsLord 神手 2012年12月1日 2時52分 
They are too poor to set up and maintain the servers I guess.
Mikal 2012年12月1日 4時22分 
wont buy without online multi u_u
Daryl 2012年12月1日 4時31分 
Really all they had to do Legends was add LAN or Direct IP and most would have been happy as it seems friends are buying it to play with each other and then finding out its local MP only.
pat727321 2012年12月1日 4時54分 
when this gets MP i'll get 4 copys
matt1Zv6Zt 2012年12月1日 8時40分 
All they had to do was add steamworks and than build the multiplayer P2P like MW2 did.
greeny119 2012年12月1日 8時46分 
I also have a bone to pick with Steam over this game. On the store page it has the "multiplayer" icon in the bottom right. But nowhere on the page does it say that it is only local multiplayer.
CrownlessKing 2012年12月1日 9時59分 
This is a joke, It says multiplayer so I bought 4 copies and its ♥♥♥♥ing hotseat? It doesnt say anything about the multiplayer in the description. I will be contacting steam for a full refund
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iLikeSheep 2012年12月1日 11時01分 
This is PopCap, they'll never touch the game again.
AstralSleep 2012年12月1日 12時01分 
Yeah who wants to play this game by themselves against the computer.....
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