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malekdarshin Apr 7 @ 5:06pm
Poor programming
How hard is it to make difficulty based off of IA decision making skills instead of non-random dice rolls? I played on hard mode because the rest was too easy.

The first game every dice roll put me on either a bad chance card or AI's property. 3 turns like this before I got put in jail for 3 turns. I finally buy a property and round GO only to have the money taken away on the same turn by landing on Pay Taxes. The next 3 times passing GO was the same. At this point in the game I had 3 properties, all morgaged, and the AI players had almost all the properties and had gained money from all of the doubles they rolled landing on unbought properties and good Chance cards. I'm not exagerating here. The AI with the most money (the one the game decided was the winner) got crazy good trades for instant monopolies. It was stupid.

The next game went pretty much the same.

The third game I won because I was able to stick it out passed the first half of the game and suddenly I was the one who got all the good rolls.

So I guess the game is designed to cheat for the first half of the game and then let you win.

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Absolute Disgrace Jun 15 @ 5:31am 
What i've noticed is that the game seems to just choose a winner at the start. Sometimes its actually the player. Quite often that player rolls a double (usually 3/3) on the very first turn.
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