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Penumbra Black Plague. Пособие по выживанию
by Invizzz 🎅
Награда за страх
by Invizzz 🎅
Для самых внимательных Frictional Games приготовила отличный подарок....
Penumbra: Black Plague get to know your monsters!
by ♥ (Blake$quad)
This is my 2nd Penumbra guide and this one is about the monsters you will face in Black Plague! Also as a bounus I will tell you where to find all 10 of the secret artifacts!...
Computer Puzzle Solution With Pictures
by Pink Cloud Of Death
Computer Puzzle Bothering You? Solution Is Here!...
by Tim Lp
Русификатор для Penumbra: Black Plague Русификатор . текст+озвучка (для steam версии)...
Русификатор для игры
by Mark Walther
Руководство по установке русификатора для Steam-версии игры. Все наглядно и по полочкам....
White Screen / White Textures
by Phen0
Having recently tried to play Penumbra, I noticed a number of graphical glitches which never occured years ago when first playing the series. Very simple solution to the white screen issue that a lot of people will suffer from, especially on Intel Graphic...
Very simple White Screen problem Fix.
by Ver
I'm gonna give you a really simple advice, how to fix the White Screen glitch....
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