Everyone Jan 25, 2014 @ 7:16am
My Penumbra Nightmare
I was walking down a hallway that looked straight out of this game-- faded paint on the concrete walls, sparse lighting, a suspicious locked door at its midpoint. At its end, a few steps led up to a metal door. It opened to a subway platform, stylistically similar to the hallway, but I slunk back into the slight shadow of the hallway and leaned to observe from a distance. Soon enough, a Tuurngait walked past the door, then another, then more. The platform was PACKED with the things, but they weren't all just human Tuurngait. Some looked like a mix between a giant spider and a human, with a scorpion-style tail, crawling along on its six legs. As I watched this parade of death in awe, something snuck up behind me, bit me, and almost immediately disappeared. Whatever had bitten me, the event had alerted every monster on the subway platform of my prescence, and I heard their collective screeches and growls as they ran towards my hallway. I didn't bother closing the door (it opened towards me anyway), but sprinted back down the hall, hoping that the biter had opened the locked door to get to me. It hadn't, and the door was still locked. Then I saw my hand: it had become superhumanly muscular, with long talons and slimy dark skin. Whatever had bitten me must have transformed me-- but I had no time to worry about it right then. I used the hand to smash the door open and quickly blocked the open doorway with a bookshelf. Another locked door blocked my path of escape, and I quickly did the same for that one, blocking the doorway with boxes. I went as fast as I could through the gauntlet of locked doors, adrenaline coursing through my veins as the monsters advanced. But then I got caught on a door and stumbled, just as the Tuurngait horde broke thorugh my last barrier...
Then I woke up, feeling a mix of stress and raw satisfaction that only one horror game has ever conjured in me. :)
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