Blood Bowl: Star Coach - Bêta

Blood Bowl: Star Coach - Bêta

GamerX Jul 23, 2013 @ 4:55am
Shoud not even be allowed to be called Beta
All kind of things Blood Bowl made a special kind of game, are missing in this one. Sure you can alter some tactics and then wait 2 hours to see how it goes, but tactics in this game aren't important anyway because the KI is too dumb to follow its rules. Sometimes, if your player is on a run, he hits an invisible wall and can't even move into the endzone. There are almost no other players online, only ghost teams. You can't skill the attributes of your teammembers individually, only give them some perks which isn't fun at all. There is nothing to do in this game, than sit and wait - i rather go to sit on a lake and feed duckies. The graphics are way out of date. In top view somethimes you can't even tell which races are competing against each other because the polygones all look the same. You can't delete any of the already read massages in the system. Good thing is they delete themselfs over time (also if you haven't read those - but who cares about them anyway). Mayor good thind is that this sample of a horrible waste of time Beta, is for free. So you can easily ignore this one in further future - although i really hope the developers may do a 180° on this one and won't gut good brand into pieces.
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Kharnath Jul 23, 2013 @ 5:39am 
There are many valid points in your post. However, your claim about tactics being useless isn't one of them. Tactics are extremely important and if you think otherwise, then maybe you haven't spent enough time playing the game.
ElKeeed Jul 23, 2013 @ 2:23pm 
You can't change tactics depending on your opponent though. it is basically quite a boring version of rock, paper, scissors. I don't want to be too negative but someone needs to sit down and think about where the fun is supposed to be in this game.
Kharnath Jul 23, 2013 @ 3:29pm 
Rock, paper, scissors is a game of chance, where either player can expect to win just as many games as they lose. If that's true for Blood Bowl: Star Coach then I don't know how to explain these numbers:

Pony Express (coach Bravata): 192 W / 21L
Cheesy Gimmicks (coach Kaader): 527 W / 9 L
Sans Finesse (me): 204 W / 1 L

Cheesy gimmicks and bug exploits? Sure. Elaborate tactics? Absolutely. Luck? No. Just... no.
GamerX Jul 23, 2013 @ 4:30pm 
Ok, so there might be something more depth behind the taktic system - (which is good, because there is nothing else in the game to do and to play with) but it is not on an intellectual level like chess or card-games are either. You bet and might win or you loose - but its easier to win if you got no competition and most of the ghost teams are set on default. You can truly make it into a game of higher value if you improve some of the major flaws and ad more content into the game, somethings to keep players busy and make them more enjoy their freetime aktivity. But in this condition all these elements are clearly missing - witch is a bummer, because it got potential. Otherwise I would not care to write review about it at all.
Kharnath Jul 24, 2013 @ 6:55am 
You must be one disappointed gamer if your criteria for success is the depth and complexity of chess. I mean, kings were playing that game fifteen hundred years ago and they will probably be playing it fifteen hundred years from now - and you think Jervis Johnson or Cyanide (or any game developer) can come up with a game with the same air of intellectual sophistication? Please... this is the equivalent of Monopoly, not chess. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you.

Personally, I think the developers need to worry more about player retention than anything else. That, and a guide on how to use the tactics editor. There are currently not a lot of ways to advance your team and your players, which leads to a stale "end game". There has to be some kind of progression in these kind of games or people get bored and quit.
Gerbo Aug 5, 2013 @ 11:18am 
well my biggest problem is the fact that you can challange other players and then you stump down and there is nothing left to do until you can challange another ... so basicly you just sit there and stare at your screen ...
I think that is the biggest reason why players stop with this game. You need to have somehting to do.
It can go from simple to advanced depending on how much effort the creator puts in it but there has to be something.

A choice could be a more elaborate way of managing your team (gold flow, building out a stadium, managing training fields, water boys, ....)
at least when your busy managing those things i can see myself playing it for 30 mins then shutting it down and trying again a couple hours/next day
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