Selaa ja arvostele pelaajien luomia oppaita tälle pelille, tai luo omasi ja jaa vinkkisi yhteisön kanssa.
Viikon suosituimmat Kirjoitetut oppaat, viitteet ja läpipeluuohjeet.
Complete guide: Weapon information and where to find them (Not completed!)
tekijältä Wootex
This guide is all about weapons and ammunition, and where to find them....
Ultimate Guide to survive 0.55 also as bambi
tekijältä ☢ Meister Proper ☢
This is a litle guide that shows you how to survive in these hard days, even as a freshspawn. I don't get it why is everybody starving to death....
0.55 A couple hints with loot (Outdated)
tekijältä NotSoMLGAlly
This is not gonna be very detailed this is just a quick bunch of things to help you find some yum yum loot ...
How to be a Hero in DayZ.
tekijältä Citron
1.Spawn. 2.Find gears. 3.Be friendly and help people by giving them some of the gears you found in part 2. 4.Get HS by one of his friend. 5.Repeat until the community become mature. Credit for the picture :
Duplizieren in DayZ leider noch möglich
tekijältä xzesstence
In diesem Guide möchte ich euch die Möglichkeiten näher bringen die leider aktuell in 0.55 Stable noch existieren! Hoffentlich wird durch diese Verbreitung das ganze bald gefixt also shared fleissig mit! ...
Jak przetrwać - Poradnik DayZ SA
tekijältä Hakrit
Krótko-długi poradnik jak rozpocząć i przetrwać w DayZ Standalone...
Caloric intake and you! A guide to not starve in DayZ!
tekijältä Icytouch
I chose penguins for the picture. Why? Because they are the ultimate cold weather survivors! Now onto the description! Have you been starving in Dayz recently? It's .55 right now as of this guide, so many people have been dying of starvation. Here's a g...
Немного полезных советов
tekijältä Spy
Руководство,которое поможет начинающим игрокам узнать о некоторых "фичах" игры DayZ Standalone...
tekijältä Migland
1. Вы выходите из "Светлоярска", возможно вам повезёт и уже там вы найдёте машину. 2. В "Турово" есть "командный центр", там вы получите шмот, раз...
How to make Croissants
tekijältä Monarus
Here you will learn to make a croissant...