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Zephyr Mar 22, 2013 @ 5:06pm
Automatic mission failed in Leon Chapter 4
This may be possible spoilers, but after the cut-scene with Chris and Ada at the end of the whole testing ordeal, as soon as the cut-scene ends, Leon seems to automatically die every single time, no matter what I do.

I don't know how or why, he just seems to be screaming, I don't even have the time to regain control of the game, the cut-scene ends, I die, I have to restart just before catching up with Ada. Playing online doesn't change anything. Winning or losing during the test doesn't change anything. Reaching the lift first or second doesn't change anything.

I can't complete the chapter due to whaterver happens. I'm just stuck in a loop of constant dying. I assume it's a bug, but I don't know how to fix it.

Could someone tell me if he encountered something similar, or if there is a way to prevent that?
Thanks in advance.
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TYRANT_RJ Mar 22, 2013 @ 5:19pm 
I'm also with this same problem. Any solution?
Stoffe Mar 22, 2013 @ 5:24pm 
got me to
whit30 Mar 22, 2013 @ 5:26pm 
Yeah - the solution it appears is going to have to be a patch. Although - I've seen someone else complain about a problem in chapter five of leon's storyline so it must not be happening to everyone.
Zephyr Mar 22, 2013 @ 5:29pm 
Well, that's somehow... Reassuring. I mean, the fact I'm not the only one means I'm not hallucinating or something. Still I'm surprised the game made it through bug testing with something like that. It's a bug preventing people to finish the game altogether we have here...

Clyde_BHVR Mar 22, 2013 @ 5:32pm 
Yes, what the hell is this?!
Goddammit, I have re-played this sequence for like 10 times already, nothing seems to work.
I think this is some kind of script error or whatever, but that fact doesn't solve the problem.
Man, I'm♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥right now.
y got same problem
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whit30 Mar 22, 2013 @ 5:33pm 
Yeah it's pretty ♥♥♥♥♥♥...and probably has to do with a control trigger I don't know..if you have an account post on the offical forums. or open a support ticket. The more people do that the more likely they'll get on the ball with a patch. There could be a billion threads here but if they don't look's meaningless.
Forgotten Crow Mar 22, 2013 @ 5:46pm 
hm strange im on chapter 5 whit leon no problems ><
SuNin Mar 22, 2013 @ 5:49pm 
Did you try replaying the Chapter from the last chapter break? Some people can get passed this section so it may not occur again if you start from the beginning of the chapter or the last chapter break.
i have the same problem...
Clyde_BHVR Mar 22, 2013 @ 6:05pm 
OK, I just solved this problem, thanks SuNin for idea.

You should go to Chapter Select - Leon, and choose Chapter 4 - 4-5 Train.
whit30 Mar 22, 2013 @ 6:06pm 
That's just skipping over it though - yeah?
SuNin Mar 22, 2013 @ 6:12pm 
Originally posted by Clyde:
OK, I just solved this problem, thanks SuNin for idea.

You should go to Chapter Select - Leon, and choose Chapter 4 - 4-5 Train.

No problem. It was just a shot in the dark. I was hoping it was some sort of queuing issue that would not be repeated in a normal situation rather than something like a profile or save game corruption.
Clyde_BHVR Mar 22, 2013 @ 6:17pm 
Originally posted by whitknight26{LOA}:
That's just skipping over it though - yeah?

Well, yeah, kind of. You will appear on a train (what a twist!) with Simmons.
But I think there weren't that much of a story between that glitchy cutscene in 4-4 and this appearance.
Anyway, the most important thing is - you could finally play further)
Archcentury Mar 22, 2013 @ 6:41pm 
anti piracy code, ya should buy the game ;) XD lol
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