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Gnollmar 2013年2月2日上午3:32
Can you please add a rule to the hauling priority? "If you know you are going to starve to death by going down to the dungeon furthest away, picking up bones, when i have over 200 bones on the surface. Do not do said action."

And heres a question too, why do they even pick them up? especially since ive instructed them to do other things.. can an action for hauling rather than autohaul be added to the game?

Oh, and why do they go to the container the furthest away rather than those ive placed nearby?
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Tom Kent 2013年2月2日上午3:52 
You could try disable bones in the container management interface for containers. That'll stop townies going to get them. Townies should currently stop the task they re doing to eat if they are hungry, it just appears they don't make this calculation BEFORE they set off. I have spoken with Xavi about it and he has said he will implement some kind of check whilst pathing to determine if the route is too far.
Also, townies should take 2 days to actually starve after becoming hungry, and not take any tasks during their hunger period. Are you sure you have enough food available? :)
Gnollmar 2013年2月2日上午4:14 
hmm, i have over 300 bread up on the surface, hopefully enough? ^^ and they died much earlier than two days after starve icon, best way to save them seems to be converting into soldier when i see it, but that doesnt always work either :P

If you fix pathing for calculating beforehand, please also remember to calculate from what theire going to pick up etc too, as picking up some items seemsto slow them down very much.
ragnar119 2013年2月2日上午4:52 
Until they improve the AI you could do few things:

-make food that has bigger fill rate
-create doors to your dungeons, so you can lock it
-disable stock piles for items like bones
-make roads and boots of haste so they move faster
-try to dig your entrance to dungeons as close to middle as you can (town should be also made as close to middle)
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