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So a few tips would be good for you...
First of all, you can't simply expect your townies to be the smartest, strongest, and fastest♥♥♥♥♥♥around. If that's what you think, you'll better start reading that little guide I've got for you.

First step: Gaming options.
At the first times, you sure do not want to see a single horde attack, like, three ghosts that pop from nowhere and kill your townies in a matter of seconds. That's why in options we unactivate it by click on the amount of difficulty of the hordes until it tells us "no hordes" or something like that, I don't really remember.
Then, a second thing: this game is and really is cool, but each step you made could simply screw everything. Remember to save any change you thing it's important, because a single change can lead to destruction of the whole world.
Third think to talk about, the maps: The starting one should be the normal map. "No♥♥♥♥♥♥ some will say. I will respond with "Yes♥♥♥♥♥♥. Normal map has kind of everything, or a bit, usually counts the fact that it uses to be a forrest. Jungle is too much difficut, and desert look like no dirt around your village, so that's by far the best way to start the game.

Lets now go to the second step:
Step two: Gaming

One does not simply leave the townies alone. Remember to pause the game each time you get away your watch from the village: it could end on pure death because no one is around.
Some people say you must have some guards up. WRONG! Guards are for protect people from danger. Why protect them when you can simply take them away from it?
Remember to always construct food and wood stacks nearby. And with that I mean put a dedicated place where you plant trees, apple trees, etc... so your townies have no reason to go the hell away from the village.
Also remember to make a bakery fast. By that I, of course, mean: make the table, the stone fireplace (no idea it's name in english), and with or before that the tables and stuff you need to build such things.
Also remember: they will produce no food if you don't ask them nicely. And by ask we mean search in the left corner the order of cook bread, fast and cheap way to start a village, so you make sure your townies will survive. Also you can search in recolect for get the apples for the cakes and more stuff.
For make people angry, keep them working all day. To make them happy, you can take them to the balcony (special area) where people gets at when they have NOTHING to do, or if someone is already doing all the job around.
Make them happy makes that, if there's free rooms, more people will come. But some are stupid and come from the other side of the map, and die in the way to get home. Wait for the next round until one makes it home. One round should start coming with no problems: there's not so much enemies at top of the map.
Remember to take all the rock nearby, but not from afar. When you think you already have lots'a'stuff, make the tabern and heroes rooms. It will take feared people to come and help you with everything around. Once they kill a few enemies on the top of the world, you can make a few holes in the dirt and put there stairs so those brave people clean a way down earth. My strategy is clean the whole level so then you take the people there and take the rock by mining the whole whooole underground level. Be care though for the river, if your map has one, it can make you suffer a lot, I mean, A LOT. From there, if your people needs stone, there will be so much to get of it, that you can simply spam statues the whole earth without no one except ghosts to stop it.
Before get to the next underground levels, make sure your heroes are lot and strong level. Also, make sure they live close to the dungeons exit from the undergrond to the village. It can be nasty if a hero runs from a battle and, in the way to the top, the creature he was fighting finds all of your village members unprotected.
Speaking of unprotected, start as fast as you can to make weapons and armor, precisely stone stuff, since you are simply rich at that matter.
Also remember your heroes will not make food, but eat a lot of it. Try to make tons and tons of bread even if you don't need it: who knows if you would really do.

Now we should talk about the last step.
Step 3: Pro tips and tricks

Build is easy, but not that easy when you need space. A good way to stock your townies is hotels. Make a huge building of 7*x so your townies live in each side of the map, and a straignt way to get to some stairs to the next level. My village has a 16 townies space for each high level, and it takes, believe me, a lot of efford and stone to build up. But it is always worth it.
Also, remember to put some fun in your balcony. Make an arena and then, in the same place, put a balcony like in top of the arena, leaving it in the middle or at a side and taking a lot of space from the balcony, like 7*3 blocks. Also remember you will need objects of decoration so your people feel better there. You can also add some decoration objects on their houses, so they get happier while sleep. Also eat something good makes them feel nice too, so don't stack only bread, try with some pork farms and make pies! It works for me, all townies at 70 happyness all day, and I got 40 or around.
Heroes are mad people if they stay too long without a way out. Make sure to make the stairs safe like put some block under them. If you accidentally break all blocks around the stairs, they will fall down. A hero once killed 20 of my people because of that: the game is made to make him mad at people and start killing the people trapped with him. Took me long to make the "top villagers" build a stair, and the hero was no angry anymore somehow, but my civizens were there not anymore.
Also, be careful when send people to get armor or stuff to equip. They use to take their own way in the dangerous dungeons and end up in a room with twenty spiders. Once happened to me.
Last thing to say: if a towny places an object somewhere and it like falls down or alike and appears with a red X on top of it, try to build it somewhere again, and the townies instead of make another of that object, it will take the fallen object and place it here. So do the instead that what I used to do, do NOT DESTROY BUILDED OBJECTS OR WALLS! NEVAH!
And speaking of buildings and objects, doors are shame. Three hits and a goblin takes it down.

Well, hope it works for now. It sure will help someone, or meaby make someone mad, so if you have anything to say, a question or an awnser (agressive awnser to my guide, I mean), please leave it on the comments. Remember the game is awesome, and as much better we play, much better we enjoy it!
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