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eqalidan May 12, 2014 @ 4:18pm
my 2 cents
i got this game eirly on in its life on steam, granted, only after i watched some gameplay for it and decided that yes, this looked good enough for me.

i knew damn well that i was getting an unfinished game because i spent more than 5 minutes looking it up.

and sense i got it, either for 7.50 or 10$, i dont think i payed full... i got 23 hours out of the game.

for me i got my moneys worth, more so than some other games.

the dev quitting, and the dev that took over quitting just means to me that i wont be getting another unfinished game from either of them without looking at the games really close.
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Zabaton5 May 14, 2014 @ 1:49pm 
I agree whole-heartedly. I researched it before I bought it, and fully enjoyed playing it. I still enjoy it occasionally. I more than got my money's worth. A big part of the fun on Steam with Indie games is seeing how all these great ideas come together by different developers to make completely different experiences out of them. I play Gnomoria too, which is just like Towns... I just picked up Signs of Life last night, even though its like Starbound, Edge of Space, and Terraria, all of which I own and have put hundreds of hours in collectively.

Oh, and I looked up my records recently to see when I bought Towns. I paid full price back in March 2013. And I am still happy with the purchase.
eqalidan May 14, 2014 @ 6:17pm 
towns, the point i stopped playing was when i needed heros, and their ai was broken, or just unworkable for me. up to that point i built up a self sustaining city, which was the main goal, and decided to go down, but no hero would pick up the better items.

i stopped playing till that got fixed, but even than i got a good 20-30 hours out of it.

sure im dissapointed i wont get a truely finished product, but im not calling for a refund over it.
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