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muzzy (禁止済) 2014年1月24日 15時21分
Banned from Towns forums
A thread went foul, I reported it and asked something to be done because someone was threatening to hack the forums and etc... What happens? I get banned for 24 hours:

"Although i thank you for bringing that thread to my attention, I must also uphold the rules universally. You have received a ban for trolling, or at least instigating arguments. Thank You."

What?? I get banned because some people decided to get hostile? What? Since I'm banned, I can't access private messages to ask tom privately about wtf did I get banned for exactly.

I was being calm, but now I'm♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I need to at least know what I supposedly did wrong.
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Locklave (禁止済) 2014年1月24日 15時37分 
I got hit by the ban hammer too, but I was being openly hostile. I got no idea why you did you weren't involved in the arguement that crossed the line. :\
You were there, muzzy. That's all that is needed for random banning.

I'm curious though, are these bans temporary or are you no longer allowed to post on the forum until you can straighten things out with the mod to get unbanned? If they're permanent, that would seem harsh just for some (I assume in your case would be) light trolling.

Oh well, look at it this way. you can stop wasting your time discussing things in relation to Towns now.
Locklave (禁止済) 2014年1月24日 16時27分 
Mine is 24 hours.
muzzy (禁止済) 2014年1月24日 16時28分 
It's a 24 hour ban, but that's not important. The important is that they banned me, i.e. for all means and purposes the moderator declared that I was being abusive. I need this explained to me in detail, because I don't understand it.

Basically, I see there are only two things they could've banned me for. The first one my remark "no matter what kind of community we have here, it means very little if the developers themselves don't want to be involved in it", i.e. being generally pessimistic (or realistic). And the second is the fact that I pointed out the hypocricy of a person asking for positive responses only while he was indirectly attacking people and complaining about community attitudes.

The only message I got was the one I posted above, that I was "instigating" arguments. HOLY HELL I THINK THAT'S CALLED CONVERSATION! When others start threatening to hack the forums, digging up dirt from message history, being outright nasty etc it's somehow MY fault because I was having a conversation. WTF?

I want an explanation, but I can't contact them anymore now that I'm banned (cant login for 24h).
Well, I suppose if you know another way to contact them you could try that but it would probably be much simpler and less annoying for them if you just waited till the 24hr ban was up to ask. Your situation could be far worse than having to wait 24hrs (i suppose it's 23hrs now if you came straight here) for an explanation to something that happened on a forum so at least there's that.

You'll have your answer eventually, even if it ends up being a lackluster "I don't remember" kind of answer. At least if that happens you'll know you probably didn't do anything THAT bad and just got caught in the crossfire banning the other people.
muzzy (禁止済) 2014年1月24日 16時54分 
I sen message to Towns support email address (Xavi answers that), and I sent PM on Dwelvers forum (burningpet answers that) ... but I have no idea how to contact tom directly through other means and Tom made the call to ban me so he's the only one that can really answer me.

This means the ban will probably have expired before I get the response. And if they shrug it off after that because I'm no longer banned and thus shouldn't care, this will get ugly. I will not tolerate it.

They're going to have to apologize for this snafu.
muzzy (禁止済) 2014年1月24日 17時07分 
Oh, there's also an email address for board admin, although I have no idea if that reaches tom. Well, fired a message there too...

Maybe all of * goes to Xavi's personal gmail box. Fine, now he has two messages from me if that's the case.
最近の変更はmuzzyが行いました; 2014年1月24日 17時10分
Let it go, man. They're going to have to apologise... or what? You were grabbed when they threw a net over the entire thing, don't let a temporary ban become a permanent one.

edit: after seeing the other thread you posted here, yeah, i understand the ban. suck it up and deal with it like a big boy.
最近の変更はthe Spungosが行いました; 2014年1月24日 17時14分
sm0ker の投稿を引用:
Let it go, man. They're going to have to apologise... or what? You were grabbed when they threw a net over the entire thing, don't let a temporary ban become a permanent one.

I think he meant "if they don't have an explanation they'll have to apologize" since he specifically stated it would get ugle if they tried to shrug it off. That's fair enough since mods should really only use their authority when it's absolutely necessary and they should be able to explain it to those they use it on.

That being said, in the same position I think i'd just drop it and not care. That's comming from someone that hasn't cared enough to even make an account for their forums to begin with though so it probably doesn't mean much...
Yeah, if they don't have an explanation they'll have to apologise... or what? He's going to froth himself into an even bigger, more useless tantrum?
muzzy (禁止済) 2014年1月24日 18時10分 
They can't just ban customers without a valid reason, and participating in a discussion in civil manner is not a valid reason.

There's no "or what". They messed up and they have to take responsibility, i.e. apologize for the mistake they made.
muzzy (禁止済) 2014年1月24日 18時36分 
sm0ker の投稿を引用:
edit: after seeing the other thread you posted here, yeah, i understand the ban. suck it up and deal with it like a big boy.

I'm posting here because I have no chance to appeal my ban or even ask about the specific reasons, like which post of mine was too much for the moderator. There's nothing I can do whatsoever until the ban is over, and afterwards the moderator is probably going to disregard the issue since I'm no longer banned.

Not sure if the chilling effect is intentional, it sure feels like I'm no longer welcome on the forums.
I like to imagine we ran Tom out of here long ago. I hate that man. He acted like such an♥♥♥♥♥back when he was here. Sounds like he still is.
muzzy (禁止済) 2014年1月24日 20時11分 
I wonder if Tom is still an unpaid community moderator or if he's already on SMP's payroll.
Quick fix - just stop buying their software.
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