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astyanyx Aug 28, 2014 @ 4:08pm
How do you name your new towns?
There I was, a fresh young city planner ready to begin a new settlement for king and country. The group of settlers in front of me turned to look at me for their first set of instructions. So I thought to myself, 'What is the most important thing that a town needs? A good solid name.' So I turned to the settlers and I asked them, "What shall we name our new town?" The reply was almost instant. "Blow that for a lark, there's work to be done lad!"

And that is how the town of Blowing Lark got started, later to be joined by Buggerthat, Yerdaft, and Shovel.
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YetiChow Aug 28, 2014 @ 7:36pm 
hehehe, that third name seems particularly appropriate given the inhabitants...

Since I almost exclusively play on the mountain map now, my towns tend to be named "___ peak" or "____ valley"... often a metal if I want to add a Dwarven twist.

Other times I've tried calling the town things like "newhope", "brighthope", "newhulme"... but the game seems to take those names as a direct challenge, loading up a big bunch of hostile natives right around the settlers (or often just plonking them into the middle of the one jungle patch).

I do remember one time I tried "the valley of feasts", which was supposed to be a test-town to try out new farm layouts... all of my townfolk spawned in the middle of a barren rock stuck in the middle of the lake. Thanks to scaffolds I was able to get everyone out before they starved (just), but it goes to show the game's sense of irony.
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