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310 Oni 2013年4月8日 13時38分
If you dont like refrences, your gonna have a bad time
this game is all about refrences if you dont like then dont waste your time i love the game tho
its just that people are used to CoD/battlefield graphics insted of good old pixels it all comes down to most of us being spoiled and when a good game comes along it gets hate for its graphics or the way its played but of corse all of this baced on opinoin
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Master Zone 2013年5月4日 3時33分 
The refrences and graphics has nothing to do with why people hate this game...

310 Oni 2013年5月5日 8時14分 
they hate it because someone on youtube played it then there fans played it after. i did play it after i watch pewds play it but i waited for a while so i didnt remember the puzzles
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