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Thomas Was Alone Full Guide
by Burger
A comprehensive guide to the story of Thomas Was Alone, as well as gameplay tips and secret item locations....
Traducción al castellano (no oficial) de Thomas was alone
by sukhavathi
Trabajo de traducción del juego Thomas was alone, por sukhavathi....
Achievement Pickup Locations (Spoiler-free)
by Poopfeels
The locations of all the optional Achievement Pickups for 100% completion....
Character analysis: Thomas Was Alone
by Bloonsfour
A short guide about the characters of Thomas Was Alone. *minor spoilers!...
Thomas Was Alone - Video Walkthrough
by Kris
This is a video walkthrough that will show you how to beat the game from start to finish....
Thomas Was Alone: A Beginner's Guide
by Actually Mars
This is a simple guide for those who are new to Thomas Was Alone. It explains the controls, characteristics of the characters, and other important info for this game....
Achievement Guide / Достижения
by Smace
Thomas Was Alone: Getting Started
by [TS♥] TurretAngel
Warning: Minor Spoilers!!! If you have never played Thomas Was Alone before, or are having difficulty with, say, making a jump, this guide will help you with that!!!...
Meet the Crew
by The Vhampster
Spoilers 'n' strategy...
Crash del gioco su Windows 7
by Ciola.Fatata
Già al livello 1.6 inizia a crashare inspiegabilmente. ...
Thomas Was Alone Achievement Guide
by James_9000
Simple guide to unlocking every achievement in the game....
Thomas Was Alone - Видеопрохождение
by SLembas
Руководство неполное, на стадии съёмки. Регулярно будут добавляться новые видео....
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