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Antidamage 2012年11月22日 16時06分
Level skip
I've just played the demo and had to format my PC a couple of times. I'm about to not play the game ever again because I'm sick of re-doing old levels. Are there any level skips or cheats out there I can use to keep going?
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Antidamage 2012年11月26日 23時55分 
So nobody involved with this game reads these forums?
Mike Bithell  [開発者] 2012年11月27日 3時10分 
sorry sir, was off at minecon for the weekend.

I'm afraid there are no level skips if you've formatted your pc without playing full game on steam. Once you've played on steam once, your progress is connected to your account so you can carry on from anywhere.
Antidamage 2012年11月29日 1時48分 
I've played the full game on steam a couple of times both before and after reformatting, it didn't seem to sync. I might need to turn it on or something though. Please consider adding a level skip in, in any case.
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Tearraven 2012年12月1日 10時28分 
How about downloading other peoples saved games?
Hype 2012年12月4日 3時54分 
Sorry mate, I was at Minecon and there was nothink you could do to skip levels!
Antidamage 2012年12月20日 18時05分 
All good, I waded through it all in the end. The ending felt rather cut short, I hope you're planning a sequel.
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