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Bile JAR 2012年11月15日 14時23分
Worth it?
I've been looking at this game for quite awhile. I have exacltly 9.23 USD and can buy this game. It looks really good, can someone give me more detail as to what the game is? Is it like VVVVVVV? With a plot and other stuff life that?
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Jake X28 2012年11月15日 14時49分 
Hey man, I would definitely recommend it. It's suprisingly good. The characters and plot is great! The sound/ audio of the game is amazing and the Narrator's voice is AMAZING. Ha... Definitely worth it.

I got a Let's Play series being played at the moment if you wanna check it out a bit. The quality of the first 2 videos isn't spectacular but what the hell. (First video, editing stuff etc)

Buy it! =D
Target 2012年11月15日 14時54分 
It's great! There's a demo on Desura so you can make your own mind up. Demo is a decent length too - I bought the game before the end of it!
Bile JAR 2012年11月15日 15時02分 
How long is the game on average?
authw8 2012年11月15日 23時50分 
My play ended up being about 5 hours, which was really the best length for a game like this.
The Illuminati 2012年11月20日 22時10分 
@Target Thanks for pointing out the demo on Desura!!! I want to try this game before I make up my mind!!
Yesiamaduck 2012年12月17日 22時02分 
If you don't mind a fairly short (4hours) and easy game but would love a well written and narrated story with fantastic atmosphere and music then I'd really recommend this game. It's a game to play when you want to unwind a little bit, a game you can sit down and get fully engrossed in it's world and characters and not worry about rage quitting.
Silent-WOLF 2012年12月18日 7時39分 
It is a very Unique game. At first glance it feels simple, though I admit about half of the puzzles are too easy due to a very very gradual learning curve. When they introduce new characters or concepts they give you imo too many levels to 'learn' it and not enough mastery levels to really test your wits with multiple puzzle elements in one. The storyline is great and character development is what I kept playing it for. I kept revisiting the game at random times so not sure exactly on length, but I'm sure its been 5+.
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Retlaw 2012年12月29日 16時20分 
Great game. Worth the price easily.
Gysahl 2013年1月2日 2時35分 
The game lasted me 3 hours and cost me £3, i cant think of many things that are a pound an hour haha, id obviously like it to be longer and have more difficulty in the puzzles but id still say its worth it for the price.
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