Vico Feb 6, 2013 @ 3:07pm
Thomas Was Alone Review
Just thought I'd link this review in case anyone is deciding to buy this and wants a bit more information from a non-professional outlet.

[] Thomas Was Alone Review (Link) [/url]

But yeah, briefly? Yes, you should try this. I mean to not enjoy this game you'd have to really hate the genre. The only way to not enjoy yourself is to be someone that thinks platforming games are awful or evil or something. Which, come to think of it, maybe there are people like that.

It's not particularly challenging, but somehow still one of the best puzzle platformers I've ever experienced. Never came across as pretentious or obsessed with itself. It's a short game for sure, but worth every penny. I took special care not to ruin the plot of this game in the review, but I think it gives the basics to help make a decision. Obviously, it'll be positive as you can probably tell from this rambling on.
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