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chernobyl 2013年1月1日上午1:20
My review of Thomas was Alone. (Just showing.)
This has been one of the greatest indies games I have ever played in my personnal experience. Thomas was Alone starts off with Thomas, an AI who has no idea why, or where he is. He enters portals, solving mysterious, and little adventures, all narrated by Danny Wallace. The tale is heartwarming and hilarious. But thomas isnt always alone. He meets his friends, Chris, John, Claire, and Laura. They all have special abilities and you have to use them all to complete the levels. After the gang gets eaten by a pixel cloud, they also meet James, a quadrilateral with different styles than his old friends, and Sarah, a small but valiant rectangle. Each character develops and grows, and you want to play more. The music is great, by David Housden. I would DEFINITELY rate this game aa 10. Play it. One of the best games I have played in awhile, despite the simple, but smooth graphics it possesses.
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