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Spaff 2012年12月27日上午4:02
'Distractions' Achievement
I'm missing the 'Distractions' achivemen, it's confusing me. It says to find the first collectable in Purge, i've scoured level 1 for it to no avail and then the second level has one which i've collected. Any idea where it is? Just the level, I can hunt for it once i know that :)
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Nikuichi 2012年12月27日上午9:21 
It's in the 4-4 level. The one in which you're falling down as Chris. And the pixel thing comes and gets you and the end of this level.
Spaff 2012年12月27日下午3:42 
Thank you :)
HeavyMetal 2012年12月29日下午4:30 
Haha, hey Spaff, fancy seeing you here!
正在显示第 1 - 3 条,共 3 条留言
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