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Edgeworth 2012年12月5日上午9:59
Dear Developers.
I want to thank you. I want to thank you for this experience of a game. I played many many games. Top Titles. Indie Games. Everything. But I was never so captured by a game like Thomas Was alone. These simple shapes, to give them character, a personality. This soundtrack. I could say so much, but I just want to say - thank you. For this game.
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Beemo 2012年12月8日下午12:36 
Yes. Thank you.
Mike Bithell  [开发者] 2012年12月9日上午6:17 
Awww, thanks :)
Edgeworth 2012年12月9日上午6:24 
Yay, a reply from you! I can die happily c:
GamingIsArtificial 2012年12月27日下午3:51 

I actually welled up a bit :) I just wish so many more people would play it! Honestly, an amazing game.
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Retlaw 2012年12月29日下午4:18 
Agreed, this was a splendid game, both in story and in mechanics. Keep up the good work!
Mike Bithell  [开发者] 2012年12月29日下午5:45 
thanks everyone!
MaddogRasta 2012年12月29日下午10:24 
This is the best game ever invented
Keycard Kitteh 2012年12月30日上午5:51 
I can only agree, thanks for this beautiful game.
RMJ 2013年2月19日下午5:00 
Totally agree. one of the best experiences ive had in a long time, and i play a lot of games.

I wish more would make games like this. not all about fancy graphics.
Saffers 2013年2月20日上午5:49 
The game is a masterpiece, the story and gameplay is so great and the characters will stick with me forever, for that I would like to join in this thank you for giving me a game I will replay man times and remember forever
Cucumber 2013年2月22日下午7:51 
The last time I saw squares with this amount of personality was the Companion Cube (funny, as there was a Portal reference in there as well :P )

I'll miss 'em all! Thanks for a game that with a few elements told even more than other storytellers could hope to tell. I especially liked the way you didn't actually show the interaction between the characters, but let the narrator tell the results of their interactions afterwards. There was a lot of blanks to fill in with my own imagination, exactly like you do when you read a book. And it works nicely!
YoungFrancisco 2013年2月23日上午3:18 
Its a testament to the game you created that i feel more emotion for a group of rectangles than i do for any high-res, lifelike (or humanlike) characters in other games
Nye 2013年3月22日下午10:11 
that was incredible.
thank you so much
Shadowspaz 2013年3月22日下午11:40 
My last thoughts on beating the game: "THEY'RE FREAKING RECTANGLES. WHY DO I FEEL SO MANY THINGS?"

Really, though. Fantastic game, great story, and I'll always love the fact it was all done without graphics. :P
Just finished it, loved it to bits. Or bytes, I don't know. Anyway, great stuff (and the music made me all nostalgic about an old Casio keyboard I had back in the eighties ... sigh).
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