Mighty Mouse Jul 9 @ 1:27pm
Please help, game unplayable
I have previously completed this game, I don't recall having any problems. But as I saw there was a new update, I launched the game and experienced this problem.
My problem is that it feels like the UP and LEFT key are locked down or something. When I go down in the menu, it immediately goes back up and my character ingame and in the menus goes left.
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sir_real Jul 9 @ 2:48pm 
That's weird since you should go up and to the right!

On a serious note, do you have a gamepad etc plugged in or something? I suppose no other problems like that in your games?
Mighty Mouse Jul 9 @ 3:00pm 
No, I don't have a gamepad plugged in while playing this game and I don't have problems with other games
Zerf Jul 11 @ 9:50am 
It seems a bunch of people (including myself) have this issue after the update. If anyone has a fix, please share it.
Mighty Mouse Jul 11 @ 1:29pm 
Yeah, hope this can quickly be resolved. Would love to play it ^_^
JoKOR Oct 6 @ 4:56pm 
Yep, Same problem. I would love a solution.
JoKOR Oct 6 @ 5:29pm 
Ok, found a fix:

Originally posted by Emma Watson:
Ah, I fixed it by uninstalling/disabling my the joystick drivers
Device Manager > Human Interface Devices > "Joystick name" > Disable
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