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Deckiller Feb 20, 2014 @ 7:55am
Tag to Win It! Giveaway (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)
This event will be re-opened for continuation in the near future. Thank you all for your entries so far!

Please do not post new tags until the event is officially re-opened. Thanks!

Congratulations to the winners: zetsubowsenpai, Raging_Fire, and Raikuden! I have sent you friend requests so we can discuss your prizes![/b]

Tag to Win It! Giveaway

What's up, everyone? We have something really cool to share with you!

For the next week, we'll be holding a special giveaway here on Steam. As some of you may know, Steam has recently implemented a Steam Tagging Beta. Users who opt into this beta can tag games, programs, DLC, etc. with customized categories!

So how do you win things, as the headline suggests? It's simple! Follow the Tagging Guide in our Announcements section and we will randomly select three winners on February 27th! Each winner will receive a Steam key for one RPG Maker DLC of their choice!

For each RPG Maker product you tag (with screenshot proof), you'll receive an entry into the drawing. For example: if you tag VX Ace and three DLC packs, you'll be entered into the drawing four times. For the sake of organization, please keep all of your screenshots contained to one post: you can edit previous posts to add more content.

So what are you waiting for? Get taggin' for a chance to win DLC!

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Deckiller Feb 21, 2014 @ 11:46am 
Hey guys, it looks like this thread is locked except for mods, so you can post your screenshots here:

ケボウ Feb 25, 2014 @ 1:05pm 
Here my tags: (hope puu.sh links are ok too )
RPG Maker VX Ace : http://puu.sh/7adTb
Samurai Resources : http://puu.sh/7adRf
Futur Resources : http://puu.sh/7adS9
DS+ : http://puu.sh/7anbd.jpg
DS : http://puu.sh/7anye.jpg
Modern Resources : http://puu.sh/7anyr.jpg
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flarekitsune Feb 25, 2014 @ 3:25pm 
Done tagging~

RPG Maker VX Ace : http://imgur.com/zgApDU0
ANNA - Extended Edition : http://imgur.com/c8HfGOi
BioShock® 2 : http://imgur.com/dv3ON3A
Bloody Trapland : http://imgur.com/2VOcH48
Angvik : http://imgur.com/FQFOWDc
Major Mayhem : http://imgur.com/G21g3a2
Thief : http://imgur.com/2Pihsvp
Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge : http://imgur.com/jpezhna
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 : http://imgur.com/Qrc0WQb
PAC-MAN MUSEUM™ : http://imgur.com/hkEa903
Ninja Cats vs Samurai Dogs : http://imgur.com/RBPLuyq
Talisman: Digital Edition : http://imgur.com/yk9jMLX
Plague Inc: Evolved : http://imgur.com/1MLdPZ7
Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead : http://imgur.com/jqWG71g
Antisquad : http://imgur.com/RES3PRE
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Pawkchop Feb 25, 2014 @ 5:17pm 

RPG Maker VX Ace - http://imgur.com/1Fafwq9
DS+ Resource Pack - http://imgur.com/ywaphpd
Futuristic Tiles Resource Pack - http://imgur.com/YQ26VWc
High Fantasy Resource Pack - http://imgur.com/iEz170h
Inspiration Vol. 1 - http://imgur.com/vzvZscL
Zombie Graphic Pack - http://imgur.com/yW4FhvA
Tyler Warren RPG Battlers - http://imgur.com/zst4yUK
Sinister Hollows - http://imgur.com/G68HaUD
Gyrowolf's Music - http://imgur.com/chdFEeZ
High Fantasy Main Party Pack 1 - http://imgur.com/acMrpTC
Deckiller Feb 26, 2014 @ 9:03pm 
Hey guys - the event has closed, so we're no longer accpeting submissions. We have hundreds between this page and the full announcement page! Nice work!
Last edited by Deckiller; Feb 26, 2014 @ 9:03pm
Deckiller Feb 27, 2014 @ 5:44pm 
Okay, guys - this was an absolutely amazing turnout, and you should all pat yourselves on the back!

I just went through and assigned each submission a number. So if you tagged 30 items, you received 30 numbers. We had more than 650 unique entries, though one user directly copied another one as someone mentioned below (which means their 10 entries were disqualified). If you notice this in future giveaways, please don't hesitate to PM me and I'll make sure they are disqualified when I assign numbers to each person's entries.

With all that said, I have cranked up the random number generator and we have our three winners!


Congratulations to the winners! Each of you will receive a free key for a DLC pack of your choice. I will be PMing you shortly.
Deckiller Feb 27, 2014 @ 5:44pm 
We have another announcement to make: due to the awesome turnout here, we have decided to continue the Tag to Win it Giveaway indefinitely!

This means that each week for the forseeable future, we will give away 2 free DLC packs: the first drawing will be selected from the entries submitted that week, and the second will be selected from all cumulative entries. So even if you already submitted a bunch of tags and didn't win, you might still win during a future drawing! You can win additional prizes for the first drawing, but the cumulative second drawing will be a unique person each time. You can also re-enter by providing new tags to RPG Maker VX Ace, RPG Maker XP, and the DLC packs. More details will be forthcoming.

Again, congratulations to zetsubowsenpai, Raging_Fire, and Raikuden!
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