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Getting off on the right foot
by ZeroDivide
Welcome to Stardrive. If you are reading this you probably tried a game and had no clue what went wrong. The AI had a head start, the AI's transports seemed faster, and you just fell behind in everything. This guide is here to help you start off a new...
The StarDrive Noob Guide (Feature-Complete)
by Spynal Toad
This guide will help you wrap your noobly brain around the basic concepts of StarDrive, such as colonization, production and empire management, and some basic starting strategies, as well as Ship Design basics, and common combat tactics. as new informatio...
Cheap Fleet Tactics
by athor_pel
Is your fleet weak like baby kitten? Or worse, recently destroyed? Is your industrial base just not pumping out those big ships fast enough or at all? Is your research progress slow like molasses? Would your planet's citizens know what a laser was if ...
How to delete save data.
by Optimistic
Guide on how to delete save data. Eughghghghg....