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Простые и безопасные способы прохождения боссов
by thundra
Простые и в меру безопасные способы прохождения сюжетных боссов на повышенных сложностях, вплоть до максимальной "Ад и Ад", где любой урон п...
[RUS] Гайд по достижениям (DmC Devil May Cry)
by Gr[1]m
Skip intro videos
by Two-Ton 21
How To Remove Intro Videos...
How to Disable Intros and modify Devil Trigger Controls
by OppressedWriter
Get rid of annoying intro movies, make weapon modes toggable on an xbox 360 controller. and remap devil trigger and gun special to specific keys....
100% Walkthrough | Guia 100%
by -| Nandox |-
ENG : Hi guys! This walkthrough is going to show you the location of all the collectibles on the game, including lost souls, keys and doors (does not include Vergil's Downfall). All the credits to PowerPyx Productions ! ...
DLC 100% Walkthrough | Guia 100%
by -| Nandox |-
ENG: Hi guys! This walkthrough is gonna show you how to find all the collectibles for DmC's DLC: Vergil's Downfall. All the credits to Gamer For Eternity ! PORT: Fala galera! Esse gui...
DmC Bloody Palace SSS Guide
by OppressedWriter
Just a full walkthrough to get SSS in all areas....
Advanced Combos and Enemy Tactics by SamD
by OppressedWriter
Advanced Combos and Enemy Tactics w/ Videos...
Turbo Achiever DMC Video Guide
by Mesjaf
Video guide for DMC Devil May Cry. Secrets, achievements, all You may need! If You like it, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel or join Me on [url=
The Definitive 100% DmC Combo Showcase
by OppressedWriter
Just a love letter and showcase of the amazing combo potential DmC, one of the best action games ever made. In this guide you'll find me using nearly every single technique throughout a full playthrough of Dante's Campaign on Dante Must Die Difficulty...