j3rkface 31. joulu, 2012 17.39
Agricultural Simulator 2013
Just curious if anyone has played this game or has an opinion about it. Graphically it looks nice, but there isn't a whole lot a of reviews out there on it. Farming Simulator seems to be the more popular.
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Tath 31. joulu, 2012 22.44 
Last I heard it was a bug ridden mess, and barely working.
Knottypine 31. joulu, 2012 23.03 
I didn't even know there was a 2013 version

And just to add, I do own the 2011 version, and IIRC, I believe the fuel in the tractors just went down way to quickly. It was a pain to travel to get fuel since the trip back and forth would use quite a lot of it. And when you got a "portable tank" to fill up anywhere, it kinda took away from actually needing to go get fuel since I believe it was just a key press after that. :/ But I don't quite remember as it's been so long since I've played. Maybe the 2013 verion is better.
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Knottypine 31. joulu, 2012 23.18 
I just checked on Gamersgate and it's currently on sale for $12. (40% off) But from reading some reviews it seems somewhat buggy.
FreeQuest 1. tammi, 2013 5.13 
check out some of the lets plays on youtube there is a particular german one http://youtu.be/uI7_-UAUw6Y well its just lol :) they have a lot of bugs to fix ... the 2012 version is ok though
Knottypine 1. tammi, 2013 8.32 
FreeQuest, that was painful to watch, for a few reasons! The trailer hook ups seem tedious, and probably didn't help that the operator didn't quite know what to do. He stared at the PTO and I thought he'd get it but then just skipped. I did however love when that unseen force sucked the plow into outer space, that was cool. :)

To me seems they spent more time making the tractor actually damage the grass, which in itself is semi cool, but they should have focused more on having the tractor stay on it's wheels. I'll assume that video was pre the latest patch.
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Knottypine 1. tammi, 2013 8.54 
Here's another video, started out serious....... Probably a better demonstration, but still. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZLrJQuHZTI
j3rkface 1. tammi, 2013 21.08 
ha, vidoes to make it seem pretty buggy. I watched a few others that didn't seem this bad. But who knows. It's deffinitely a "pretty" game. The music might drive me nuts though. for 12 bucks I might give it a shot. I've never herd of gamersgate. Are they digital downloads there?
brewboy 1. tammi, 2013 21.50 
I tried it its buggy and broken couldnt even complete the tutorials it just stopped working
Knottypine 1. tammi, 2013 22.18 
Yes Gamersgate is similar to Steam... sort of. And I'd probably take brewboy's advice and save yourself the $12. Unless you feel like giving it a shot... but the reviews on Gamersgate even suggest that it needs some work.
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j3rkface 2. tammi, 2013 19.41 
Yea, after reading some of the reviews and watching some more videos it seem very buggy. So I'm not going to bother. Thanks for the advice guys. Much appreciated.
[4:20] Luxius 6. tammi, 2013 4.07 
Here's why I think Farming Simulator 2013 beats Agricultural Simulator 2013, besides all the bugs:
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