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Noob guide for career mode in patch .24.2
by Lunwi
Kerbal Space Program career mode now has contracts, and building space ships on career mode now cost the game's form of money. It wasn’t always this way. When the newest patch came out I had to create a new game three times just to finish all four of t...
Rendevous and Docking Made Easy (with pictures)
by Empiro
This illustrated guide will teach you an easy technique to rendezvous and dock with another ship. It is both simple and relatively efficient....
Astronaut Training 101
by Riley_2142 | 6AGE
This guide was created as a faster way to view all the terms for Kerbal Space Program. This is something all astronauts must learn. If you wish to review all the information given on this guide and more visit
How to use cheats.
by alberto
Some may not always work, but they are worth the try if you want to get to Jool or Duna in a training rocket...
Modding KSP
by Facialjack
Here's the mods i use, wiz presentation, pics when needed, and links to original thread of the mod, which contain the DL link and every info u need As im aFrench man, i want to apologize by advance for all that grammar mistake i surely made :D In hope u...
Starting KSP in 64 bit with hour tracking
by Genarele
This tutorial will teach you how to start KSP in 64 bit (If you didn't know it already)....
The Adentures of The Flying Control Surface
by Space Cop
A strange physics glitch turns into a space adventure! (Not a guide)...
The Persnickity Guide To Naming Planetary/Satellite Features
by ShadowPhoen1x
A quick guide to naming your landing sites using common Planetary Nomenclature...
GOING PLACES IN 1,2,3: Quick questions, quick answers.
by Ottomic
So you're on orbit now! Let's get you somewhere. I will assume you are familiar with Delta-V, building a rocket and achieving orbit. If you are not, I'd recommend you to check out the previous guide, [url=
Русское руководство
by [CIS-Trans] Dolfst [BY]
Очень много интересного!...
Transfer Windows
by Podger11
This is a comprehensive guide which contains all transfer windows it gets the angles from this site :
Career Mode Start to Mun in Two Easy Flights (23.5)
by sabe042
A beginner's guide to career mode: How to get to the mun (or Minmus) quickly with a low-tech rocket and recover lots of science on the way. This is a complete playthrough of the first two flights in career mode where we'll focus on how to build the rock...
ORBIT IN 1,2,3: Quick questions, quick answers.
by Ottomic
This brief guide attempts to cover, very succintly, all you need to know to successfully reach orbit in KSP. It is designed for new to very new players, but I encourage more experienced players to take a look at it and if you feel like I'm leaving somethi...
How Not to Build a Rocket
by Professor Pigeon
This guid will explain step-by-step how to Not buld a basic rocket...
Remote Tech 2: A Beginner's Guide (0.23)
by JDCollie=VX9=
Covers the basics of the Remote Tech 2 mod including connection requirements, antenna types, and satellite design, positioning, and networking. Demonstrates setting up a basic satellite network around Kerbin and the Mun. UPDATE: March 6, 2014 - Complet...
Career Mode (0.23 - Updating to 0.24!)
by sierraoneseven
This manual covers everything a budding space program director needs to know, from orbiting, collecting science, travelling to the Mun and everything in between. If you've just started playing KSP or are finding it difficult, this guide is for you. Updati...
ksp на русском языке
by «SEN»AntonoV
коротко о самом главном на русском языке...
An Idiot Proof Guide to Landing on the Mun (With pretty pictures!)
by Jebediah Kerman
A very basic tutorial on how to get to the Mun in the most simplest way possible....
How to Click
by PFChangs
A quick walkthrough on one of the most confusing apects of gaming. (Lefties not included)...
The Complete Idiot's Illustrated Guide to Space Travel (Docking and more coming soon!)
by Very Real Shib
This guide is unfinished but will be continually updated to provide information and how-tos for basic-level gameplay mechanics, as well as advanced tutorials for more experienced players. Feel free to message me about anything I've covered that you're not...
Interplanetary Transports
by sierraoneseven
A relatively simple guide towards building and operating an interplanetary vehicle capable of transporting heavy loads....
Kerbin Orbital Operations (0.23)
by sierraoneseven
This guide will cover both basic and advanced orbital operations such as station construction, refuelling, deorbiting debris, docking and targeted rendezvous. Updated with geostationary orbit!...
Asparagus Staging: The Key To Putting Crap -Heavy or Light- Into Space *Updated To V2*
by TalenTaylor
If you're trying your best to get a rocket up and out of the atmosphere, but just can't seem to balance out your thrust:weight ratio, this guide will ensure you are soaring through space with a very simple build...
Extraplanetary Bases (0.23)
by sierraoneseven
A simple guide to establishing your first permanently manned installation on an extraplanetary body. In this guide, I will cover suggested modules for your base, delivery systems and mods that enhance the base-constructing experience....
MechJeb in Career Mode
by Thinkpadius {R}
This is a short guide outlining where aspects of MechJeb are unlocked in the tech tree of career mode as of Version 0.22. It should continue to be accurate beyond 0.22 as long as a) the file structure of the game doesn't change and b) m...
How to dock (or Docking 101)
by gxs
From the moment they started going into space Kerbals have dreamt of one thing. And that's making big space stations for use in rocket refuelling, science experiments, space observatories or just because they wanted to see if they could do it. This gui...
Landing on Other Worlds- What to Expect and Where
by |SMM| Blacksmith #FightforKiev
If you've ever made a mistake in landing or where your landing, you've probably not survived. Here's a 1 by 1 guide to landing on every body in the Kerbal System....
Getting to Duna, a guide for newish players
by LivingPixel
I would like to kick it off by saying that this is my first guide, and it may not be so good. So please, leave feedback in the comments on what that I could do better. Thanks! As stated by the title, I tried my best to give you the simplest way of goin...
Orbit: Let's Begin your Journey
by TalenTaylor
The first step to traveling the universe is to get into orbit around Kerbin, this guide will show you how....
How to make flags and use them.
by Red
This guide will teach you how to make flags and use them....
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