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An Idiot Proof Guide to Landing on the Mun (With pretty pictures!)
by Darkseid
A very basic tutorial on how to get to the Mun in the most simplest way possible....
The Complete Idiot's Illustrated Guide to Space Travel (Docking and more coming soon!)
by Bum-suk Cho
This guide is unfinished but will be continually updated to provide information and how-tos for basic-level gameplay mechanics, as well as advanced tutorials for more experienced players. Feel free to message me about anything I've covered that you're not...
Asparagus Staging: The Key To Putting Crap -Heavy or Light- Into Space *Updated To V2*
by TalenTaylor
If you're trying your best to get a rocket up and out of the atmosphere, but just can't seem to balance out your thrust:weight ratio, this guide will ensure you are soaring through space with a very simple build...
Career Mode Start to Mun in Two Easy Flights (23.5)
by sabe042
A beginner's guide to career mode: How to get to the mun (or Minmus) quickly with a low-tech rocket and recover lots of science on the way. This is a complete playthrough of the first two flights in career mode where we'll focus on how to build the rock...
Landing on Other Worlds- What to Expect and Where
by |SMM| Blacksmith
If you've ever made a mistake in landing or where your landing, you've probably not survived. Here's a 1 by 1 guide to landing on every body in the Kerbal System....
Getting to Duna, a guide for newish players
by LivingPixel
I would like to kick it off by saying that this is my first guide, and it may not be so good. So please, leave feedback in the comments on what that I could do better. Thanks! As stated by the title, I tried my best to give you the simplest way of goin...
Orbit: Let's Begin your Journey
by TalenTaylor
The first step to traveling the universe is to get into orbit around Kerbin, this guide will show you how....
Rocket Science 101 (updating now)
by NotACylon
Do your Kerbalnauts keep dying in firey impacts when your rocket explodes on the launchpad? Are you tearing out your hair trying to keep your boosters from destroying everything? Then this guide is for you!...
Goodbye Kerbin, Hello Mun: Changing Orbits, & You
by TalenTaylor
Shooting for the Mun or further? You might want to give this a read....
Building and Flying Shuttles
by Tarsus
How to build and fly a Space Shuttle style craft using only 0.25 stock parts....
Basic Orbit Guide
by Maki
A basic guide to getting yourself into orbit. This guide will not show you how to make a craft that will get you into orbit, only how to do it....
Landing: Your First Kerbal On The Mun
by TalenTaylor
It's time to set foot on the Mun, and this guide is coming with you!...
Laythe Landing, a guide for semi-new players
by LivingPixel
This is my second guide, and I will cover how you get to and land on Laythe. You know the format I used if you read my Duna guide, but I will be swapping and changing bits and bobs of it according to the feedback I got, and after my gut feeling. With noth...
Rendevous and Docking Made Easy (with pictures)
by Empiro
This illustrated guide will teach you an easy technique to rendezvous and dock with another ship. It is both simple and relatively efficient....
Get Those MotherF***ers Into Space.
by Dimitri Klovichi
I'm gonna tell you guys what to do to get these little green... things.. into the outer reaches of space. probably...
Guide pour bien débuter sur KSP
by [BBSC]Dragoon1010
Bienvenue chères Kerbaunote ! Si tu est tomber ici, ce n'est surement pas par hasard, tu cherche a obtenir les connaissances nécessaire pour visiter l'infiniment grand ? Alors tu est tombé au bon endroit ! Et oui, avec Dragoon1010, apprend à te me...
How to Land on Minmus on your first mission
by MisterInSayne
Starting a new game in Kerbal Space Program, and my first mission is to make a Minmus landing, and return back to Kerbin. This is how to do it....
Kerbal Space Program 101 by EvisT
by [HGS][ANG]Evis
A series of short videos aimed at getting new players off the ground. Begins with basic concepts and controls and is being continuously updated with new lessons to follow a logical, clear learning curve. You will learn a few lessons, and then be rewarded ...
Inwards, to Eve!
by LivingPixel
In this guide, I will be covering the procedure you should go through when going to Eve, as quite obvious from the title. We will be trying out some new mechanics, the primary one is that we are going closer to the Sun that we have gone before, since Eve ...
how to get into a geostationary orbit
by Sir Waffles von Kerman
This is a guide I have made to help people to get into geostationary orbits. For those who don't know what a geostationary orbit is, it is basically an orbit that is the exact speed so that it always stays above a single area of the planet it is orbiting....
Engine comparison table
by JontzBreadMaker
Hello fellow rocket scientists! This table is a comparison of different engines firing the same vessel with the same azimuth (to zenith, more specifically). It shows overheat possibility, requirement of reaction wheels to maintain azimuth, need of batter...
The Standard Guide For Making It To Space
by [AWP] Hitler Wasnt A Christian
This guide will help newbies to the Kerbal Space Program design and build their very own rocket that will take them to space. Please note that this is NOT for making an orbit around Kerbin or other planets....
Science for the young Kerbal.
by ArtyD42
It's important to know that science is the act of observation. Without observing things it'll be difficult for you to obtain any science. Not much is known about the world around the hangar bay. So to get your science started here's a few beginner tips...
Guide francophone de KSP
by SteriCraft
Retrouvez-moi dans le guide francophone de Kerbal Space Program, afin d'apprendre les rudiments du jeu ainsi que bien d'autres techniques avancées telles que le vol interplanétaire, seule votre patience montrera votre valeur une fois sur orbite. Rejo...
Comprehensive Beginnner Video Tutorials in German / Deutsch
by MjrKong
An ever growing array of video tutorials I recorded for KSP, initially for 0.23 career mode, but now with basic tutorials for almost every occurrence in the game. IN GERMAN!...
How to Align with orbital bodies, Advanced manouver, and fuel management guide.
by Holy Athena
This guide Illustrates ways to use the Manouver feature, how to align to any planet within the solar system, and shows advanced tips for saving fuel....
Astronaut Training 101
by Riley2142 [5 Days]
This guide was created as a faster way to view all the terms for Kerbal Space Program. This is something all astronauts must learn. If you wish to review all the information given on this guide and more visit
To The Mun!
by Eternal Eyvind
This is my first guide, a guide to get to the Mun!...
Noob guide for career mode in patch .24.2
by Lunwi
Kerbal Space Program career mode now has contracts, and building space ships on career mode now cost the game's form of money. It wasn’t always this way. When the newest patch came out I had to create a new game three times just to finish all four of t...
How To Kerbal: The Ultimate KSP Guide [W.I.P.]
by SirBlazinGames
Now that the title got your attention... this is a guide containing all the video I do as tutorials on Kerbal Space Program....
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