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Rescuing a kerbal from orbit arround kerbin
by maculator
A brief guide on how to rescue a kerbal from an stable orbit arround kerbin. If you want to complete a rescue contract or just lost jebediah and bill because you didn't care enough. Its not to detailed and i assume you understood the game mechanics. Th...
How to Stop lag in Kerbal Space Program and increase fps by 300%
by CommanderTisoy ҉҈ [KSP]
How to Stop lag in Kerbal Space Program and increase fps by 300%...
Kerbal Space Program - Tutorial For Beginners - Part 5 - Science Labs, Struts & Space Probes
by CommanderTisoy ҉҈ [KSP]
In the previous episode we unlocked the science lab, so I take a moment to explain how science works in more detail and, how the science lab can help. We also send a probe beyond the sphere of influence of the planet Kerbin, into deep space. Credits: S...
Kerbal Space Program - Beginners Guide & Tutorial - Part 4 Orbiting the Mun
by CommanderTisoy ҉҈ [KSP]
Having figured out how to get into orbit it's now time to learn how to go to the mun, orbit it and return to the planet kerbin with lots of science. We're going to be using lots of maneuver nodes - so pay attention. Credits: Scott Manley...
Kerbal Space Program - Tutorial For Beginners 3 - Getting Into Orbit
by CommanderTisoy ҉҈ [KSP]
The third part of my Career mode tutorial - we build a rocket that'll take us into orbit, learn a little about how to maneuver while in orbit and grab some science while we're up there. Credits: Scott Manley...
Kerbal Space Program - Tutorial For Beginners 2 - Steering & First Space Mission
by CommanderTisoy ҉҈ [KSP]
The Second part of my Career mode tutorial - unlocking some more science, learning about symmetry & balance and building a simple mission to send a kerbal into space for a few minutes. Credits: Scott Manley...
Kerbal Space Program - Tutorial For Beginners 1 - Building, Flying, Acquiring Science
by CommanderTisoy ҉҈ [KSP]
Heres A Guide for Building, Flying, Acquiring Science Credits: Scott Manley...
How to get to the Mun
by drankmestar430
Can't get to the Mun? Don't know how to use those darn maneuver nodes? If you answered no to both of these questions, then this guide is for you. Also if you answered yes then this guide is for you. Soon you will be shooting for the Mun or Minmus and not ...
Plan 9 from Kerbal Space
by Skywolf*
This is the space program I developed for career mode (0.24). Except for the explosions it worked pretty well....
a very simple guide to orbit
by DarkBurster- korea OP
This guide is the most basic and well explained thing you will get to fast get to orbit just like the kerbal say, if you make an orbit, you are halfway done to your destinaton!...
An idiots guide to fun things to do in Kerbal Space Program
by Megajjaj
This guide will tell you about things to do when your bored and know that you can't do anything successful....
Trouble getting started and just want to play the game? Try this automated orbiter:
by MisterInSayne
Have you just started with Kerbal Space program, or having a hard time getting into orbit, and all the tutorials and how to's make no sense. Look no further! This rocket will get you into space without any chance of failure!...
Dyson Sphering, how-to, and why.
by Ryan
Whether you wish to cause mass panic on kerbin by blotting out the sun, want bragging rights, or just want to for fun, here's how to make a dyson sphere around kerbin....
Easy Inter-Planetary Transfers (not 100% success)
by quasar
This guide teaches you how to perform simple interplannetary transfers. The range varies on your Delta-V! I find it most useful for transfering sattelites. Be aware that this is a one way transfer and it may only work from kerbin....
0.24.2 from start to the mun
by Aazard
A guide outlining fast science and cash to get a fully equiped (all science parts) mun lander, ready for your 1st mun landing, done while completeing major contracts and not "science hunting" around kerbin...
Modding KSP
by Facialjack
Here's the mods i use, wiz presentation, pics when needed, and links to original thread of the mod, which contain the DL link and every info u need As im aFrench man, i want to apologize by advance for all that grammar mistake i surely made :D In hope u...
Noob guide for career mode in patch .24.2
by Lunwi
Kerbal Space Program career mode now has contracts, and building space ships on career mode now cost the game's form of money. It wasn’t always this way. When the newest patch came out I had to create a new game three times just to finish all four of t...
Rendevous and Docking Made Easy (with pictures)
by Empiro
This illustrated guide will teach you an easy technique to rendezvous and dock with another ship. It is both simple and relatively efficient....
Starting KSP in 64 bit with hour tracking
by Genarele
This tutorial will teach you how to start KSP in 64 bit (If you didn't know it already)....
Kerbal Space Program x32/64 bit Fix (Updated)
by Videogameget
In this guide, I'll help you throughout launching the x64 bit or x32 bit version of KSP on Steam....
Astronaut Training 101
by Riley2142
This guide was created as a faster way to view all the terms for Kerbal Space Program. This is something all astronauts must learn. If you wish to review all the information given on this guide and more visit
eye giv yoo sciense
by I am from British
Yoo gett sciense fats naw...
Easy Beginner's Construction Guide [WIP]
by CosmoLogical
A very simple guide detailing all of the stock parts in KSP as of 0.23.5, to help new players understand just what each part does and what all those crazy values might mean. The order of the part goes from left to right. Structural, Aerodynamic, and Ut...
The Persnickity Guide To Naming Planetary/Satellite Features
by ShadowPhoen1x
A quick guide to naming your landing sites using common Planetary Nomenclature...
How to make your screenshots look good
by FalkenJr
A list of mods and ways to improve your screenshots of stuff....
KSP(Kerbal space program)★ Tips
by Arcturus
How to Land on Minmus on your first mission
by MisterInSayne
Starting a new game in Kerbal Space Program, and my first mission is to make a Minmus landing, and return back to Kerbin. This is how to do it....
How to abuse RCS and the debug toolbar
So you're bored of making normal rockets, and you don't want to wait for a glitch in order to reach warp drive speed......
How to use cheats.
by dumb old texas
Some may not always work, but they are worth the try if you want to get to Jool or Duna in a training rocket...
Cloud Saving for KSP
by Nagra [CH]
Since KSP does not currently provide Cloud Saving, I decided to make a guide on how to quickly set up your own Cloud for KSP. For this you'll simply need Dropbox (or any equivalent program) and your computer's Command Prompt/Terminal. This guide works for...
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