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Easy Beginner's Construction Guide [WIP]
by CosmoLogical
A very simple guide detailing all of the stock parts in KSP as of 0.23.5, to help new players understand just what each part does and what all those crazy values might mean. The order of the part goes from left to right. Structural, Aerodynamic, and Ut...
KSP(Kerbal space program)★ Tips
by Arcturus
How to Land on Minmus on your first mission
by MisterInSayne
Starting a new game in Kerbal Space Program, and my first mission is to make a Minmus landing, and return back to Kerbin. This is how to do it....
[[Jericho Staging]] what is it and how to build it [updated]
by Amatsukami Meibatsu
Jericho staging rockets, what its is, what its derived from how to build it and what its potential Pro's and Con's are, this guide will address them all and grow and adapt as it is tested by both myself and the game community all input is welcome and any ...
Career Mode Start to Mun in Two Easy Flights
by sabe042
A beginner's guide to career mode: How to get to the mun (or Minmus) quickly with a low-tech rocket and recover lots of science on the way. This is a complete playthrough of the first two flights in career mode where we'll focus on how to build the rock...
RemoteTech 2: Conceptos basico
by MrGenis
Esta guía comprende los aspectos basicos para utilizar el MOD RemoteTech 2. Interface, Antenas, Estadisticas y proximamente mas datos. Sugerencias y comentarios, son bienvenidos ....
Construcción de cohetes.
by Caid
El objetivo de esta guía es explicar algunos principios básicos en la construcción de cohetes aplicables al juego Kerbal Space Program. Con estos conceptos, deberías ser capaz de ir (y volver) a cualquier luna o planeta del sistema solar....
How Not to Build a Rocket
by Professor Pigeon
This guid will explain step-by-step how to Not buld a basic rocket...
DOCKING IN 1,2,3: Quick questions, quick answers
by Ottomic
Docking is quick and easy, if you have the right questions, and the right answers. I will assume you are acquainted with how to make a rocket, how to get it in orbit and how orbital mechanics work. If you aren't please check out these other guides: [ur...
How to Grab Space Rocks (From The Creator of "Get Those Motherfuckers Into Space"
by Fluffeh Muffinz
Today I will be teaching you how to grab giant rocks from space for science. probably See how i used the same joke from the last one because i'm lazy?...
MÜNAR FLYBY IN 1,2,3: Quick questions, quick answers.
by Ottomic
...So you've achieved orbit and you know how to alter it. Next up: let's get you to that big gray ball in the sky! I'm going to assume you are familiar with building spaceships, orbital mechanics and maneuver nodes. If you aren't please check out the p...
GOING PLACES IN 1,2,3: Quick questions, quick answers.
by Ottomic
So you're on orbit now! Let's get you somewhere. I will assume you are familiar with Delta-V, building a rocket and achieving orbit. If you are not, I'd recommend you to check out the previous guide, [url=
ORBIT IN 1,2,3: Quick questions, quick answers.
by Ottomic
This brief guide attempts to cover, very succintly, all you need to know to successfully reach orbit in KSP. It is designed for new to very new players, but I encourage more experienced players to take a look at it and if you feel like I'm leaving somethi...
Catch the asteroid. Step by step...|D| - |E|
by catch me...
Das Asteroid Redirect Mission Pack ist nun endlich da. Hier erfahrt ihr Schritt für Schritt, wie man einen Asteroid einfängt und nach Kerbin zurück schleppt. Dabei werden alle Manöver genau beschrieben und per Bilder anschaulich gemacht. Aber dennoc...
Get Those MotherF***ers Into Space.
by Fluffeh Muffinz
I'm gonna tell you guys what to do to get these little green... things.. into the outer reaches of space. probably...
Tech Inc. Kerbal Guild
by =Tech Inc= Techmaster75724
This guide is to help you learn and understand how to build and fly your rockets, planes, and other space craft or land vehicles... It will also help you under stand the game more and make you a better pilot and a better engineer. No matter waht you want...
Kerbal Space Program 03 - Rendezvous and Docking
by Khalashnikovf
We are going to look at the advance and more delicate work with rockets on the Kerbin orbit today. We will try approach to another rocket and make similar orbit and then we will try join the other one with docking device. And in the end Im going to show y...
Kerbal Space Program 02 - Basic orbital maneuvers
by Khalashnikovf
Technically simple guide a description how to use orbital maneuvers effectively, aka: Mechjeb is for losers unable to fly. Im translating my original guides which were in Czech language and can be found on my profile page. Original guide can be foun...
Remote Tech 2: A Beginner's Guide (0.23)
by JDCollie=VX9=
Covers the basics of the Remote Tech 2 mod including connection requirements, antenna types, and satellite design, positioning, and networking. Demonstrates setting up a basic satellite network around Kerbin and the Mun. UPDATE: March 6, 2014 - Complet...
Space 101: How to get to Orbit and back
by GentlemanPenguin
A simple, step-by-step guide on how to get into Orbit. No advanced techniques, no difficult mathimatics, and if you do it right, no unnessassary explosions....
Transfer Windows
by Podger11
This is a comprehensive guide which contains all transfer windows it gets the angles from this site :
Guide to RCS
by Riley O'brien
This guide is to help those who do not know the controls for RCS thrusters....
how to get into a geostationary orbit
by Sir Waffles von Kerman
This is a guide I have made to help people to get into geostationary orbits. For those who don't know what a geostationary orbit is, it is basically an orbit that is the exact speed so that it always stays above a single area of the planet it is orbiting....
How To Get To The Mun The Easy Way
by Nikola Tesla
THIS IS HOW TO GET TO THE MUN, NOT HOW TO MAKE A SHIP TO GET TO THE MUN. This is how to get to the Mun without orbiting. When I first read guides on the same topic, I got lost quickly. So here you go!...
Docking: Pictured beginners guide
by Belami
Dear space craft engeneers and cosmonauts I tried not to put too much informations in this guide but the most important ones. Docking is difficult - I needed more than one hour for the first time. But with practice comes experience and every time it...
The Basics and Beyond of Kerbal Space Program
by Aidmo
This guide aims to help you overcome that problem with your KSP. Problems docking? Rendezvous not working out? Inside you'll find some recommended solutions for all of your troubles....
ThisOne to Orbit!
by Oakeshott
A simple guide to get you into orbit without using the maneuver nodes. Not how to build a rocket, nor get that rocket back!...
Career Mode (0.23)
by sierraoneseven
This manual covers everything a budding space program director needs to know, from orbiting, collecting science, travelling to the Mun and everything in between. If you've just started playing KSP or are finding it difficult, this guide is for you....
The Standard Guide For Making It To Space
by [AWP] Hitler Wasn't A Christian
This guide will help newbies to the Kerbal Space Program design and build their very own rocket that will take them to space. Please note that this is NOT for making an orbit around Kerbin or other planets....
How to get to Minmus
by SpaceCoder
This video shows how to reach minmus...
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