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An idiots guide to fun things to do in Kerbal Space Program
by Megajjaj
This guide will tell you about things to do when your bored and know that you can't do anything successful....
Asteroid Capture Tutorial
by Tarsus
A full video guide to capturing an asteroid and placing it into a stable orbit around Kerbin....
Transfer Windows
by Podger11
This is a comprehensive guide which contains all transfer windows it gets the angles from this site :
Comprehensive Beginnner Video Tutorials in German / Deutsch
by MjrKong
An ever growing array of video tutorials I recorded for KSP, initially for 0.23 career mode, but now with basic tutorials for almost every occurrence in the game. IN GERMAN!...
Building and Flying Shuttles
by Tarsus
How to build and fly a Space Shuttle style craft using only 0.25 stock parts....
Basic Orbit Guide
by Darjeeling [JSY]
A basic guide to getting yourself into orbit. This guide will not show you how to make a craft that will get you into orbit, only how to do it....
Get Those MotherF***ers Into Space.
by Dimitri Klovichi
I'm gonna tell you guys what to do to get these little green... things.. into the outer reaches of space. probably...
How Not to Build a Rocket
by Professor Pigeon
This guid will explain step-by-step how to Not buld a basic rocket...
Using Science Parts!
by lacedemonian
You wonder why the science parts are included? let me help with that. I am a stat scientist, and you can be too! it can save the lives of kerbals!...
Goodbye Kerbin, Hello Mun: Changing Orbits, & You
by TalenTaylor
Shooting for the Mun or further? You might want to give this a read....