gembone Jul 28, 2013 @ 9:01am
My thoughts on The Journey Down: Chapter One
I filed out my profile just so I could post about this game. My first thought was back to GF when I first opened this game. I got my copy from IGN, so it was without loss that I was able to try this game. GF was one of my favorite pnc style games so TJD grabbed my interest. I had a lot of fun playing through chapter one.

This game is a great accomplishment for the 3 fellows working on it. As a fellow Indie developer I see the work put into this game. I love the style they chose to go with for the scenes and for the characters. The background music and sounds fit the style and were done very well.

There were a couple things that could be improved upon, as with any game. At times the the characters would not go to where I would click in the scene. This made the game feel a bit less pnc, and more find the object in the room style. This might be from the size of open area in most scenes. It generally is only a single path with no room to stray or wander. The problem that broke me out of the immersion of the game almost immediately was some spots in the voice acting. At places mid sentence, it sounds like they were clipped together from different recordings. The sound was completely different almost as though the mic was changed or sound baffle was used for one and not the other. These were found as a player, playing and enjoying the game and not as a QA pass. I could give a more in depth QA pass if the devs are interested. Feel free to contact me.

Overall, I truly enjoyed playing Chapter One and look forward to the playing all the following chapters. From one Indie to another, Great job guys.

Greg M.
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Henrik_Englund  [developer] Sep 5, 2013 @ 5:22am 
I can only agree with you. We had to accept that our budget was small and that we had to make compromises to get the game out in time. Hopefully we will have better recordings in the next chapter. We will post a invite in this forum to our beta when its ready.. Thanks for the feedback
gembone Sep 5, 2013 @ 10:27am 
I would be happy to help, and will keep an eye out for the beta invite.
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