The Journey Down: Chapter One

Darcyska [HBHUD] 2013年2月7日上午11:18
Review of TJD on HBHUD
Hey Steamers, I wrote a (positive) review of the game and you can check it out I REALLY enjoyed this game and I can't wait to see where the adventure goes next (those end easter-egss were a great addition.
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Henrik_Englund  [开发者] 2013年2月7日上午11:34 
4 of 5, not bad. Thanks for your time! Glad you liked the game! :)
Darcyska [HBHUD] 2013年2月7日下午11:49 
It was great!
theowaern  [开发者] 2013年2月13日上午1:32 
Thanks darcy, glad you liked it! :D
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