Sig. Sutter Kaine 2013年1月12日 4時32分
Have it the italian subtitle? TNX..
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kingstone426  [開発者] 2013年1月12日 4時49分 
Nope, sorry it's Enlgish only. There's a translation in progress but it won't be out soon.
Sig. Sutter Kaine 2013年1月12日 7時08分 
MindGames 2013年1月12日 13時49分 
How many languages would be translated? If there are russian subtitle, i will buy this game! This game is cool - like Grim Fandango! :)
Henrik_Englund  [開発者] 2013年1月13日 3時08分 
We dont have any plans for Russian translation right now, but who knows. To be honest we have made text translation to a couple of languages, but the implementation part takes allot of time. Would love to see a Swedish translation. Would sound so silly... :P
最近の変更はHenrik_Englundが行いました; 2013年1月13日 3時08分
Sam [RU] 2013年1月14日 8時46分 
Hi. I buy the game. Steam Language Stat
English 53.62%
Russian 15.20%
German 5.92%
French 4.74%
Spanish 3.90%
Portuguese 2.28%
Polish 2.24%
Please make Russian subtitles.
kingstone426  [開発者] 2013年1月15日 4時59分 
Wow 15% Russian, that's a lot!
Sam [RU] 2013年1月23日 8時11分 
Yes, this is more than 0,97%.
Paulo Morbeck 2013年2月1日 4時49分 
If the devs are interested, I can arrange a translation to brazilian-portuguese. I'm a member of a brazilian group (created in 2005) that translates games (mainly adventure games) to brazilian-portuguese and we offer the translations for free for everybody.
So far, we already have translated 67 games, and we're the official brazilian translators for ScummVM, an emulator for older adventure games (
If you're interested, add me as a friend so we can talk about adding brazilian-portuguese to the multi-language version of TJD.
If you want to see our group, visit .
Thanks for your support.
MindGames 2013年2月1日 9時10分 
If you send to me language resources, we try translate it russian too.
kingstone426  [開発者] 2013年2月4日 11時14分 
Thanks everyone for offering to help us with the translation!

Paulo: I checked you're site and wow you've got a really impressive list of translated games. Great job! Also, lots of <3 for working with ScummVM, it's an excellent FOSS project!
Paulo Morbeck 2013年2月5日 5時40分 
Thanks kingstone426, I'm glad you liked it! 8^D
If you got interested in the translation I can contact the ScummBR team to make this translation for you (the next chapters can be translated too). I can even manage the translation if you want. We only need the english texts of the game, then we translate them to brazilian-portuguese, and finally we send the translated texts back to you.
It would be a pleasure to make this translation.
Thanks again for your support!
dbhvk 2013年2月15日 4時12分 
I can translate the game into Spanish, it'd be a nice experience. Please DO crowdsource the translations (it will be faster and free!!) ;)
Valko 2013年3月18日 9時21分 
please russian subtitles -(
Blazkowicz 2014年11月15日 13時53分 
Hi, what about English subtitles? This could help those who have difficulty listening of English.
theowaern  [開発者] 2014年11月19日 23時47分 
There are English subtitles. You activate them from the options menu. :)

Regarding localization to different languages (text), we are a very small team with very limited resources, and have decided that we most likely won't be able to add any new languages until after the TJD3 release.

Sorry about this, but in the big picture, launching TJD3 is a higher priority than anything else!

Oh and Thanks everyone who offers to help. We really appreciate it, but the process is fairly complicated and the actual translation is just a small part of the project of adding languages.
最近の変更はtheowaernが行いました; 2014年11月19日 23時48分
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