nihilum 2013年1月9日 12時02分
indie royale summer bundle - do we get a steam key?

as the title asks, do buyers of the indie royale summer bundle get steam keys on their profile? if so does anybody know when it will be?

thank you

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s1N 2013年1月9日 12時06分 
Good question
theowaern  [開発者] 2013年1月9日 12時19分 
Yes, you do! We've talked to the fine folks at IR and they're basically just waiting for us to hook them up with keys, which we will as soon as possible. :)

Same goes for people who bought the game over on indiegamestand. (And hopefully buyers, but I have yet to confirm this with them.)

A little bit of patience and we'll see to it you get yer steam keys. :)

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Motoki 2013年1月9日 12時26分 
Thanks for a quick reply. I've been playing the game on Desura for a bit but it would be nice to have a here on Steam.
Mars Mountain 2013年1月9日 12時34分 
Yeah, I already own this awesome game on Desura. A Steam key would be great though.
Marcelloz 2013年1月9日 12時35分 
cool! :-)
J. 2013年1月9日 12時36分 
Follow Theo and Hen on twitter, guys, they're always updating the ♥♥♥♥ out of development.
Magixe 2013年1月9日 13時02分 
Many thanks nice developer! =)
theowaern  [開発者] 2013年1月9日 13時22分 
Thanks everyone! I'd just like to point out that if bought your version of TJD anywhere else than via Indie Royale or you are required to send an email to with your receipt, and then we'll hook you up with a steam key! We have no way of automagically handling that, I'm afraid.

But again, everyone who bought it via Indie Royale or indiegamestand, will soon be able to log into their respective accounts on IR / indiegamestand and get their steam key from there.

Hope that was clear enough, lol, sorry for the confusion and thanks for your patience. :)
tmwfte 2013年1月9日 14時11分 
Thank you, Theo. I've played it through Desura (was one of the IR Summer Bundle purchasers) and this is a nice gesture. Great game, great story, and I'm anxiously awaiting buying the next chapters.
Hermit 2013年1月9日 14時12分 
Excellent news. Loved this when I played it back in the summer (got it through Indie Royale). Glad to hear future episodes are on the horizon, too.
FluidLogic 2013年1月9日 14時15分 
Good adventure game. Snagged it from Indie Royale and played it on Desura. Can't wait for Chapter 2. Keep up the great work guys!
theowaern  [開発者] 2013年1月9日 15時54分 
Wow thanks for all the kind words and encouragement! It means a lot to us! And also thanks for buying the game in the first place and thus supporting our development. :)
daicon 2013年1月9日 16時03分 
Thanks man, I'll be buying the other episodes for sure. My thanks again
nihilum 2013年1月9日 18時56分 
yes thanks to the developer and everyone involved for this :)

i like to point out that the art style of the game is really really nice :) you can feel it was made with love. keep it on :)
Solamon77 2013年1月9日 19時02分 
Wow, that's really cool guys. Thanks. I can't wait for my Steam key.
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