The Journey Down: Chapter One

red hat 2013年4月18日下午1:53
Swedish podcast Skillpod did an episode of Indieklubben on TJD

Yesterday the Swedish podcast Skillpod released episode #12 of their show Indieklubben, in which they talk about The Journey Down: Chapter One.

Here is the URL to the episode:

Note: It's in Swedish. :P
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Henrik_Englund  [开发者] 2013年4月26日上午1:55 
Awesome! Will listen to it while working on TJD. Thanks! :)
red hat 2013年4月26日上午5:03 
Please note, I have no affiliation with that podcast. I only saw the episode popping up in my RSS reader and thought I would post a link to it here. :)
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