The Journey Down: Chapter One

The Journey Down: Chapter One

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My Feedback on TJD
As i enjoyed this game i feel i'd like to give my feedback, as also i know part of the Dev' team are frequent on this forum.

Thoroughly enjoyed the humour and setting after a few minuites in, the scene setting didn't take long, but as this look and feel is new to me i didn't feel taken by the game from the get go.
I am happy i took the time to persist, as short as it was for the game to get good.

The music was absolutely phenomnial, i found myself jiving in my chair the entire way through (aside from one or two scenes), i had gotten to listen to the composer before hand and already had a clue on what score this game could provide. To have the backgrounds and scenes change to match each music score, gave me an enjoyable ammount of immersion.

The puzzles, whilst not too taxing on the grey matter, were fun to work through. I had myself laughing at outcomes and clicking my fingers in realization as things came together.
Only draw back would be, one or two puzzles did feel a little "Oh i know how this goes" kind of style.

The voice acting was very good, nice mix of accents. But, the only thing that let me down, the entire game, was the levels and quality of a few lines. The audio sounded like it was changed later and added in, or the overal quality was changed mid line. (Don't let that put you off, as it's the only draw back)

The art, well it speaks for itself in the screenshots, fantastic all around. Lots of attention to detail for me. Certain parts felt like a throw back to older Adventure PnC games, which gave me great nostalgia.

Well done to everyone involved with this game, there is a lot of praise here and only one draw back, i am very the part 2 will live up to my expectations of a great story.

P.S to the Dev's, love the suspence and build up to a certain location that will be revealed in part 2

P.P.S Why were Henrik and Theo topless in the office in the "Behind the scenes" extra's? lmao
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Paulo Morbeck Mar 26, 2013 @ 6:25am 
Very good! Exactly what I thought... =)
EndeavourAccuracy Mar 26, 2013 @ 12:36pm 
I too enjoyed playing this game.
SkyGoblin, thanks for creating a Linux version.
Playing time: a couple of hours of entertainment. Definitely worth its current discount price (only 1.49 at 75% off), maybe a tad pricey without a discount.
Atmosphere (music, graphics): best thing about this game. The time of the day, different kinds of lighting, the dock/water, the music that changes depending on the location (cozy locations like the bar, dismal locations like the tracks).
Puzzle difficulty: mostly easy; maybe a tad too easy, but not so easy that it bores.
The voice acting is acceptable, the cut scenes are okay, here and there the game is humorous.
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